Basically, you start at one main blog and "hop" from blog to blog (from a pre-determined list) to see projects & posts that are about a central theme. 

How can I follow your blog hop?
On the 24th of each month you will visit our blog (Counterfeit Kit Challenge) and will be greeted with a "welcome to the blog hop" post and a reminder of what you will see on the hop.  You will see a list of hop participants and will go from blog to blog on the list to see their creations for that particular challenge!  I want to encourage you to leave comments on each blog...that is part of the fun for the people participating!  

How can I JOIN your blog hop?

During the month, we offer a Forgeries on the Fourth post followed by three challenge posts that we hope will encourage you to use your much loved stash that you've brought together into a Counterfeit Kit, in new and exciting ways! You can choose to highlight a creation inspired by one of these posts in your blog hop post or even, something you have made with your Counterfeit Kit and have not yet shared online!

18th of each month: Due Date for blog hop participation (you will e-mail us at  to tell us if you want to participate by this date...any e-mails received after this date might not get included in the hop) 

In your e-mail please include:
In the subject line: Blog Hop Participant
In your e-mail: name, link to blog

20th of each month: You will get an e-mail from us that will tell you the order of the hop (with links to each blog--this is how you know whose blog to link to at the end of your post).  You will prepare your post on your blog at this time with pictures of your "take" on the challenge you've chosen or your not yet shared creation!  Then you will schedule your post to go live on the 24th of the month at 12:01 AM MST.  The e-mail will outline how you can design your post as well as providing a link to help you with the timing.

Some Helpful hints:

To Schedule a blog post:
Type up your post and include your photo(s).  Schedule your post by clicking on post options (small blue link at the bottom...above the orange publish page button) and changing the date to the 24th and the time to 12:01 AM.

To Post a link that opens in a new window:
When you link to the next person in the hop, most participants prefer if it shows up in a new window instead of taking them out of your blog.  This is easy to do:
Most blog platforms let you use a button shortcut for adding a link in a post. You know the drill: you highlight the words you want to link, you click on the Link button, you paste in the URL. Easy-peasy.

But if you want the link to open in a new window, instead of having it take readers away from your page, you can click the "Edit HTML" tab and add a target tag to the link's code.

A link's HTML code looks like this (minus the spaces before and after the brackets):

< href="">text text text< /a >

To make the link open in a new window, add target="new" between the URL's end quote and closing bracket. Like this:

< href="" target="new">text text text< /a >

We hope you will play along!!!