Friday, January 12, 2018

January 2018 - Challenge #1 - New Beginnings

Challenge #1 - New Beginnings

January is typical for resolutions, goal setting, restarting, moving in new directions and therefore I'd like you to be inspired by new beginnings for your project.

Guest Designer Julie pulled in a sheet of neutrals into her kit (is this a sign that she's used most of her kit up already, I ask myself!) and worked with the Jan 1 Stuck?! sketch for her star-filled layout about her home-focussed 2018 goals!

In a Blogger premiere, new Master Forger Laura made this layout.

"When the new year hits I always find myself looking forward to spring and wanted to document that. And I wanted to use my kit for a non festive layout.

Head over to her Instagram account here ( for more inspiration!

Master Forger Cindy Foster Made a layout documenting a couple of scrapbooking goals

and a journal page for the start of the new year, you can find more detail on her blog here.

Kelly recently helped her son move into his new apartment--a brand new beginning for him! She documented the event in this layout.

Leslie's new beginning happened a little over a year ago, but her whimsical kit this month was perfect for documenting it. Pop over to her blog for a few details HERE.

We love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge )

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Making a Kit" Checklist

Hello, it's Susan here with something I hope will help you as you pull together your kits!

When I first started participating in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and making my own kits, I had a hard time figuring out where to start and what to include.  My mental conversation with myself went something like this:  "I have a Felicity Jane paper like the one in the kit - let me find it.  Oh hey, there's a fun stamp that would go.  Sequins would be good - I wonder where they are?  I can't forget to add those Crate Paper die-cuts - I should grab them now.  Ooooh, those Elle's Studios puffy stickers would be great to include - I think they're in the upstairs closet."  I'd sometimes stretch out the kitting process over a couple of days because I'd just get overwhelmed and distracted.

I started writing a "shopping list" to help me keep track of the designs and styles and colors of the inspiration kit and I'd keep it with me as I shopped my supplies.  While the list was helpful in capturing the mood or feel of the inspiration, it didn't really address the specific types of items I needed to include.  Inevitably, I'd miss something and would have to go back and add it. This was especially annoying after I'd photographed my kit and written my blog post about it.

Eventually, I came up with a system that worked for me and I thought I'd share it with you.  I've written a checklist that sorts the kit components you might want to include into basic categories.  It also has a place for notes about the inspiration kit and a spot to list the photos and stories you might want to use with the kit.


So where's this checklist?  You can download a copy right here.  I tailored the list to my needs but you can always add anything you know you'll use that I might not have included.   I hope you'll find it useful as you put together your next kit!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 2018 - mini kit reveal

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a big kit this month? Perhaps you just want to pull together a few products to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe a mini-kit is the answer and we are here to show you what mini-kits we've created using the original inspiration kit by Cocoa Daisy.

Here's a reminder of that Cocoa Daisy kit, Fair Isle (Nov 2017).

I'm featuring the main kit here but on the Cocoa Daisy site, there are several other kit variations which are also interesting.

Mini Counterfeit Kits can either be simply smaller versions of the main kit, or they can be specifically aimed at use as card kits, mini album kits, pocket style albums or planners. It's entirely up to you and, of course, you can use the mini-kit option whenever you like!

Now, let's see what Master Forger Susan and Lisa have brought together to share.

Susan was really inspired by the Fair Isle Pocket Kit and decided to pull together items that would help her make some Project Life pages from December 2016.  Here is the kit she made:

It doesn't look that big but she stretched it into two 12x12 Project Life spreads:

You can read about her process and see more details on her blog post here.

Lisa was inspired by the leafy, soft-coloured sheet of patterned paper in the main inspiration kit which reminded her of the BasicGrey Indian Summer collection. She picked out one sheet of that BG collection and brought together paper scraps to go with it - taking shades and ideas from the original kit - and added in a sprinkling of embellishments to make up her "Together" pocket page kit.

Unlike Susan's kit, it looks quite a lot bigger than it actually is! She then used this distinctly autumnal set of products to make a start on catching up with her October 2017 Project Life and will finish off the kit to work on September. (Apologies for the bad light photography!)


She has to admit to having PL envy after seeing Susan's gorgeous pages here but for now, this is another month done and that's good enough. It's still taking some time to find the flow in this process.

You can find more detailed shots and information about how she pulled her kit together over on her blog.

We love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge )

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Forgery on the Fourth

Just a reminder of this month's inspiration kit by Cocoa Daisy - November 2017, "Fair Isle".
You can find the main kit (featured below) here but there were several other kits available to inspire you on the Cocoa Daisy site.

I spy plenty of items which could be created easily and quickly for your own kits such as the clips, the die cut elements, the poinsettia embellishments, the words, labels and even some of the papers. What do you see?

 Let's see what the Master Forgers have in store for us this month:

Susan made her own version of three of the cards in the Fair Isle Pocket Life kit:

They were pretty easy to make - check her blog post here for the tutorials.

Julene was inspired by the cards too and used black and white scraps of cardstock & paper to make these

Julene also found these free  downloads

Another card inspired forgery comes from Guest Designer Julie who got creative with watercolours and fine tipped pens for this gorgeous set of cards for her kit. You can find out more over on her blog.

New Master Forger Laura jumped right in with these super cute but still super easy counterfeits for her kit. You can see more of Laura's crafty goodness over at her Instagram profile (@mrsp_scrapsandtea)!

Lisa simply welded two words together on her Silhouette to make a "gather together" die cut similar to the lovely acrylic element in the inspiration kit. You can see her three step process for this over on her blog. Quick and easy and perfect for a pocket card embellishment.

New Master Forger Lori was inspired by the tags, labels, and banners that can be found in the kit and created her own set to go on her layouts. You can read about how she made them on her blog.

We love seeing how the simplest of ideas can make the prettiest elements for your kit. Why not give one of our ideas a try and join in the fun!

Don't forget to come back again on 6th for some mini-kit inspiration as well as the challenges on 12th and 18th. 

If you create any of your own forgeries, make sure you share with us! We love to see your creations and projects.  You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge ) 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Just the Gist of It

Happy New Year!

This month we've given you a kit that could be taken in a few different directions - perhaps even too many. Are you going to go traditional Christmas so that you can scrap some of your latest festive photos or bright for the new year? Maybe you love the typical wintery elements or perhaps some of the more unexpected combinations are calling your name?

Yes, you might be feeling a bit torn and not really sure of which way to go. I'm here to help.

Let's look once again at the original Cocoa Daisy November 2017 kit, Fair Isle which we are using for our inspiration 
(although there are several other kits to choose from )

What stood out for me were the gorgeous colours that have such a fresh feel to them - seems somehow perfect for this dreary time of year.

Taking just the papers, I picked out five colours which caught my attention. Red, orange, green, soft blue and dark, neutral grey.

If you use these colours as the base for your papers, you will have a collection that can take you from the most recent Christmas tree photos through to hopeful, forward looking thoughts on the New Year! Sprinkle a little pink in there for good measure (you just know I will), perhaps a sprinkle of metallic and you have the start of something beautiful.

Why not leave it right there and add in embellishments as you create each page or project. Simple and easy and perfect for kick-starting your creative year!

Come back on the 4th for our Forgery on the Fourth feature which hopes to encourage you to make some of your own elements for your kit and of course, the mini-kit on the 6th and the challenges on the 12th and 18th. Everything you need to keep you inspired though these long, dark days of January. 

We love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge )

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal

Happy New Year! And welcome 2018!

We are thrilled to have you join us again this year and are excited to share our inspiration and creations over the next 12 months. Our team is raring to go and as you will already have read a few days ago, we have four wonderful new Master Forgers who are ready and waiting to showcase their first counterfeit kit as part of the team.

But first, let me share this month's inspiration kit with you.

I've chosen the November 2017 Cocoa Daisy kit "Fair Isle". 

Here is the link to the main kit (Main kit: as you will see, there are lots of other kits too which are all quite similar in colour palette if you'd prefer. (November kits: )

I wanted something bright and cheery for the dark, long, cold days of January and let's face it, a lot of us scrap Christmas stories at the beginning of the year so I thought that those festive elements and colours could be useful. I also think there are enough winter only embellishments and motifs to keep it neutral too if that's what you wanted. 

I hope you like it as much as me.

I'm delighted to welcome Julie (blog here: ) as our Guest Designer this month. I know you'll recognise her name and creations as she's a regular contributor here at CKC. 

"What a great way to start 2018; as CKC guest designer and such a lovely kit Lisa picked out too. 

I've been joining in and making Counterfeit kits for quite some time for a number of reasons. I work full time and have a 13 year old daughter (who now has her own YouTube art channel under the name of Strawberry Doll). That means I don't have a lot of time for scrapbooking, which is where CKC comes in. I used to find that a large proportion of scrapping time was spent sorting through my supplies to find what I wanted to use for a project. With CKC I do that sort through once per month; pull together a kit and then I have a set of supplies to use for at least a month. I have so much stash that it's easy to forget what I do have (I even bought the same 12X12 pad twice because I'd forgotten I had it!) and CKC reminds me and gets me to use things which otherwise would stay in the packet and not get used.

This month's kit has a gorgeous mix of Christmas supplies; because we are still scrapping Christmas photos in January and non Christmas items, with that luscious watercolour leave print. I hope you'll dive into your stash and join us this month."

Welcome Julie, so happy to have you join us in January! 

And so onto our bigger-and-better-than-2017 blog hop where you can find our interpretation of the Cocoa Daisy kit.

Of course, the regular features can still be expected through the month starting with tomorrow's Just the Gist of It (2nd), Forgery on the Fourth (4th) and Challenges #1 and #2 on the 12th and 18th of the month.

If you want to make a kit but can't quite manage a full one, maybe our mini kit inspiration on the 6th is something for you! Come on by and see what we make from the same inspiration.

All in all, the same as in 2017 but better! Feel free to give us feedback on what you'd like to see more of or just feedback you'd like to share. You can email us directly or communicate with the whole team in the Counterfeit Kit Facebook community group. 

We love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge )

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to spending this month with you!


Friday, December 29, 2017

New Master Forgers for 2018!

We are delighted that after searching high and low and far and wide, we have four wonderful new crafters who are joining us as Master Forgers for 2018!

They are jumping right in for January and will here on the 1st to showcase their own takes on our very first kit to counterfeit for the new year. This is going to be a great year and we can't wait.

So.... drum roll.... our new Master Forgers are: Cindy, Laura, Lori and Tina and we are thrilled to have them.

I'm going to let them introduce themselves:


Hi, I’m Cindy. 

I am delighted to be Master Forger at Counterfeit Kit Challenge this year. 

I currently live in Minnesota. I’ve been married to my sweetheart for 33 years and we have two awesome sons ages 32 and 28.
I’m an avid scrapbooker, cardmaker, quilter, crocheter and crafter of any kind. I enjoy gardening and the outdoors.  I scrapbook for myself and my two guys.


Hi I'm Laura and I'm delighted to be here as part of the Master Forgers team. 

I'm a wife and mama to my little Mr. J and our small brood of pets. 

I've been a scrapper in some form since a teenager but I have scrapped as we know it today for around 9 years. I just love the creative process and capturing memories and the little stories of life. 

I am so looking forward to being a Master Forger and inspiring and being inspired by the wonderful community here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge

You can find Laura over at Instagram @mrsp_scrapsandtea -


Hello! My name is Lori and I live in Missouri with my husband and our two sons. 

My husband and I have been married for almost 28 years and we have a daughter (27) and two sons (19 and 17). My daughter is married to her high school sweetheart and they have a little girl (4) that I get the pleasure of keeping during the week while her Mommy teaches. 

I was introduced to scrapbooking by my sister who bought me a Creating Keepsakes magazine when my oldest son was born way back in 1998. I have been hooked ever since! Card making soon followed and the last couple of years I have been doing the Project Life style of scrapbooking. 

Over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of stash and I know making up these kits will help me to get it used up! I love to spend time in my scrap room - it is what really relaxes me after a long day! I have a pretty clean and simple style, but I do love to add some layers once in a while. 

I am so excited to be a Master Forger and I can't wait to get started!

You can find Lori at her blog My Happy Life - 


Hi, I am Tina!

I live in South Williamsport, PA. I am married to a wonderful man now 24 years between the 2 of us we have 8 kids, 17 Grandkids, 6 Greatgrandkids :) We are the owners to 1 fur-baby too, Buddy an Australian cattle dog (Blue Heeler) and has been part of our lives since 2004. I'm a machine operator working the night shift for Leclrec foods.

I started scrapbooking in 2007 when 2 coworkers/friends took me to my first crop, one of the girls said all I needed to bring was the pictures and anything special to go with them, she provided me with my first album and I had access to her supply of paper. 

I fell in love with the hobby that day and have been doing it since, that year for Christmas they gave me my first tote-bag kit that I still use when going to crops. I love to scrap in my Scrapcave (scraproom) it gives a chance to relax and enjoy the process of preserving memories.

I came across Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog by way of new fellow Master Forger Cindy when she counterfeited a kit, checked out the blog and I've been following and doing a kit from the blog since November 2013.

I scrap, make cards, smash and project life.

You can find Tina at her blog Tina's Scrap Corner

We are thrilled to have these four talented counterfeiters and can't wait to start seeing their kits!

And we won't have to wait long because they'll be showcasing their debut kits in just a few days - 1st January! So make sure you come on over to the blog and start the new year with kit inspiration and all the fun you've come to expect from us here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.