Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just One More Thing - the plot thickens - Chapter 4

Hi there, Lisa here for another chapter in the nail-biting, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, layout mystery here known to one and all as the Just One More Thing Team Challenge!

If you've missed the previous episodes, you can read the "tv guide" synopsis of this series here and catch up with layouts which have already undergone the forensic analysis here.

Drawing by Peter Falk

I handed over the following layout to the team for their expert opinions on the crimes committed:

I'll start off by saying that this was actually a Counterfeit layout from March 2014 which was used for my contribution to the member blog hop. I know that I was "pleased" with it at the start but somehow found that something wasn't quite right and as time went on, I realised that I just didn't like it! Or at least a lot of it!

What I DO like:
  • The photo. I seem to have "misplaced" a lot of photos over the last 12 months with various computer problems etc so I want to save this one if possible as I love that bright foreground with the incredible Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background. 
  • The story behind the photo - though the journalling was a little sparse
  • The background papers which were all from my March 2014 kit full of neutrals and soft tones
  • The little sparkly enamels
  • The gold glitter title
What I really DON'T like:
  • The gold brush strokes
  • The contrasting back elements
  • Those strange fussy cut shapes
  • The mix of style, texture and dimension
  • The bright colours mixing with those neutral shades
  • The design
Not really much to work with.

My trusty colleagues offered me a plethora of advice including:
  • Make the title pop by using some colour
  • Use more colour 
  • Go with black and white papers with some coloured embellishments
  • Find a photo to match the mood of the product then redo this photo with papers and products that fit that better.
  • Go for more contrast
  • Ditch the veneers, the black arrow, the ribbon and make a stronger visual triangle
  • Use more colour - again!
  • Remove the photo but tip the whole thing one turn to the right then maybe make a heritage page
  • Make this into two layouts - one for the photo and one for the background papers
  • Add some spots of red
  • USE MORE COLOUR! (ok, I hear you!!!)
I picked up their subtle loud hints about matching this photo up with more colour. Yes, it made me realised that was what I'd been feeling. But maybe also find a use for the background. I particularly liked the idea of turning it so that the papers were vertical - I make too many horizontal! I was also interested in the idea of using more black and white and trying to salvage the black diagonal here - a fabric frame. And I was determined to get rid of the background paper with the dodgy gold brush stripes. I also loved the idea of making one layout into two. 

And that is exactly what I did!

I started off by carefully removing the photo and trimming it a little to get rid of the rough edges my not so careful removing had caused. Then I ditched the tag, the veneers, the ribbon, the arrow and the odd fussy cut elements. I saved the enamels and the title and then tore the layered papers off the background.

From there it was easy. 

I added those to a new sheet of cardstock and using my November Remembrance kit, added a few more elements to bring it right up to date as well as a little more colour and three very recent (this week - go me!) photos. The same gold alphabet seemed perfect for this Advent inspired layout.

Then I got to work with my bright, modern, geometric kit from April, Vivid, and made up a whole new layout using the original photo, the black diagonal print frame and the alphabet. I made sure I went with strong contrast, pops of red and gold, plenty of colour and some strong black and white paper. I added a date and some journalling - still not much but more than before.

Now don't you think that the two layouts I've shared here are SO much better than the original, rather badly designed one?!?!?

I had great fun hearing what my fellow Forgers had to say and was laughing because everyone was so friendly and kind! But it's all good fun and I know that you will enjoy the next episode of Just One More Thing which will premiere in the new year - I've seen the original and am super curious to see how the suggestions we made are executed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hopping along for the November Counterfeit Kit Challenge members' blog hop!

It's that time of the month again - our Members' Blog Hop!  You've been shopping your stash, putting together your kits, crafting pages and creating with our challenges. Now you get to share with everyone.

In November, we were given these challenges - did you choose one to focus on for your creations?
But as it's the last month of the year, we also said that anything created with your Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit was fair game for the hop so we are excited to see what's featured!

Another small but perfectly formed hop today but one that I know will inspire you to sit down with your kits and get creating all the same!
So, it's great to see you here today so get hopping and don't forget to share if you are inspired to create! Share over at the Monthly Link Up tab.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sharing our thanks and gratitude

Free printable found on She Wears Many Hats

Those of you who have followed along for a while will know that the Master Forger team here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge have a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to keep us chatting, crafting, sharing and generally having fun. Then a couple of times a year we give you a sneak peek at what we've been up to.

Today is that day.

This time around, we're sharing what we are thankful or grateful for using some super cute printables I found on Allison Kimball's wonderful blog here.

Check out the full blog hop today to see how we used her creations (see downloads here and here) and how we'd like to express our feelings as we head towards Thanksgiving, Christmas or even the New Year.

Start at Bethany's blog and work all the way through to Lisa to make sure you don't miss a thing. And then go to Allison's blog to download your own! Don't forget to let her know that we sent you and thank her for her awesome designs!

Here's the blog hop order so that you can be sure to catch us all:

Are you quick off the ball and would like to share your thank-filled creations with us? 

Then why not sign up for the last Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop of the year and show us all how you've been inspired? 

This month, we'd like you to share anything you've made with your Counterfeit kits which you've not shared before. I've extended the sign up date to today to give you a chance to be inspired by our team activity. 

But don't delay - send us your promise to join in right now!

To be a part of our blog hop:

  1. E-mail us your name, blog address & promise to participate at BY THE 20th  - that's TODAY!
  2. You will receive an e-mail from us by the 22nd with a list of the hop participants.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November's hop is so much more fun with friends!

This is just a reminder that we are looking for YOU to come and join in on our monthly member blog hop.

This is always a whole lot of fun and a chance for you to show off your amazing creations with your Counterfeit Kits.

November is the last member blog hop of the year so let's finish off with a bang! 

If you've created any project with your Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit this month that you haven't yet shared on your own blog, come and join in the blog hop fun and show us what you've made.

You might have been inspired by the challenges this month :

Or, shhhh, there might be something else fun that we are sharing in a couple of days which might inspire you.... (just saying'!).

Or, maybe you found some inspiration to use your kit in our Forgeries On The Fourth feature this month - it was a biggie after all!

Or maybe you were just busy creating using your Counterfeit kit and want to share.

It's all open for the hop this month.

 We LOVE it when you share so come on, join in on the hop and inspire us all.

Your project must be something new, using a Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, that you have not shown before and only post for the hop.

To be a part of our blog hop:
  1. E-mail us your name & blog address & promise to participate at BY THE 20th 
  2. You will receive an e-mail from us by the 22nd with a list of the hop participants.
  3. You will need to schedule your own blog post showing your project based on this challenge and link to the person after you in the hop.
  4. All Blog Hop posts will need to be scheduled to go live on the 24th at 12:00 A.M. Mountain Standard Time (Arizona)

Monday, November 16, 2015

November Challenge #3: December Plannin'

December is coming.  Oh, yes, I said it!  There is no need to put your fingers in your ears and ignore it any longer!

Because we are awesome and all that, we are giving you a head start on December!  We always take December off to spend some time recharging, being with family and doing personal crafting, so we have a FUN month of pre-planned scheduled daily posts for you full of inspiration! (Feel free to look back at some of our other December themes … they are also full of great ideas!)

Our theme this year is...

So right now.  Right this very minute, we are issuing you the challenge to go ahead and PULL YOUR DECEMBER KIT to document either this December or a past December.  I'm not talking about just one project, but a daily one that will share things that are special to you about the December season.  Throughout December we will be sharing some great projects to inspire you to document "a" December in your life.  Mini albums, Project Life, December Daily, home decor projects … they are all fair game!

We will not have a set kit that we our counterfeiting next month.  We want you to build your own kit based on all that Christmas stuff you have hanging out in your stash.  You know what I am talking about.  That stuff that has been just hanging around because you ONLY use it once a year? (Why are you blushing? LOL)

As always, we are ready today with some thoughts on how you can find inspiration for your kit.  We can't WAIT to see what you make and are excited to for you to get some serious scrapping done in December.

Inspiration #1:  Why don't you try making a NON CHRISTMAS kit? Pull things that are more neutral, and definitely not Christmas themed, to make a kit that works for you.

For example - why not simplify your thinking and use kraft plus colors like white, red and green for your crafting? And why not use simple shapes like stars, triangles and buttons?  Here's a sampling of cards which caught Susanne's eye on Pinterest.  You could use this as a basis for a card kit, a scrapbook kit, or even gift-wrapping.  More on her blog.

Pinterest credits:  a, b, c, d, e, and f.

Inspiration #2: Need a small project idea? Try a Memorydex. Pink Paislee has some great posts about turning a rolodex into a scrappy project. HERE is one of the posts, you can search their blog for some other examples.

Inspiration #3: If you're an Instagram user, Stephanie suggests buying a 4x4 album like the one below by Teresa Collins. This size is perfect for Instagram pictures, making it easy to print off photos and slip them straight into an album. Add in some decorative pages and journaling and you'll have a perfectly documented holiday season in no time! 

WRMK Teresa Collins 4x4 Gold Heart Album

Inspiration #4: Keep your eyes open for ideas everywhere. Susan found this somewhat non-traditional, but fun, color scheme at her local Hobby Lobby:

Inspiration #5: Start with the photographs. If the aim is to document memories from previous years, find the photographs first. The choose elements for kit based on the colors, patterns or themes to match.
(click image for source)

Inspiration #6: Counterfeit one of ours!

Clair has created a kit from stash, which you could use as the basis for a new Counterfeit Kit. She's showing it off on her blog (there's a sneak peek below) and has some additional inspirational tips and techniques for creating a kit for 'the most wonderful time of the year!'

Margie has also created a kit from her stash, and even jumped off of the deep end and videotaped her December kit:

She still has kit and inspiration photos on her blog that she would love to have you take a look at as well:


Don't forget that we LOVE it when you join in the fun and sign up to be on our member blog hop on 24th! November is the last member blog hop for the year so you don't want to miss it, do you?!? 

This month, we'd love you to share anything you made with your Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit that you haven't yet shared on your blog. Have you joined in on our challenges? Or maybe just been busy using up your supplies? Whatever it is, we'd love you to join in.

To be a part of our blog hop:
  1. E-mail us your name & blog address & promise to participate at BY THE 20th 
  2. You will receive an e-mail from us by the 22nd with a list of the hop participants.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

November Challenge #2: It's all relative

Family.  We've all got some.  They may be awesome or they may get on our last nerves (you know the ones).  No matter what, though, we are stuck with them.  LOL

Challenge #2: It's all relative:  Make a project sharing something special (or not so special) about a relative you have.

And because our Master Forgers are on it....

Guest Designer Alicia made a sweet layout you HAVE to see!  She did a great job using color to really enhance her photo!

Kelly documented a story about her Aunt's special cakes. Read all of the details on her blog.

Julene has created a layout about her mother's likeness to royalty.


We would LOVE to have you participate!  Check out the How to play along with us tab at the top of the page to see how you can play along after you make your kit!  We have a month full of special challenges and ideas so we can get some creating done and get some supplies used up.

Friday, November 6, 2015

November Challenge #1: Hate It!

Food aversions, pet peeves, dislikes...we can't be Mary Sunshine all the time.  Sometimes we just need to HATE something.

Challenge #1:  I HATE it!  Do a project sharing something you just don't like!  Go ahead...get it all out!

Our lovely and sweet Master Forgers are eager to share what THEY hate.  LOL  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Susan channeled her inner Oscar the Grouch for her layout for this challenge. 
You can get all the details on her blog.

Our Guest Designer, Alicia, is not amused at ALL on this layout!  You tell them!  Head over to HER BLOG to hear more about this story!

Lynnette may not always have a neat scrap room, but she does make sure her bed is made EVERYDAY!  See more on her blog HERE:

Leslie's pet scrappy peeve is that you always run short of the letter "e" in alpha sets!


We would LOVE to have you participate!  Check out the How to play along with us tab at the top of the page to see how you can play along after you make your kit!  We have a month full of special challenges and ideas so we can get some creating done and get some supplies used up.