Sunday, December 15, 2019

Season's Greetings - December 15th with Leslie

Leslie here working feverishly to get my tree decorated & some semblance of holiday decor up before it's over!

Season's Greetings

I have always been intrigued by interactive cards but especially with those that pop out when you open them. A quick online search revealed a number of different effects & techniques that are easily achievable!

Making a pop-up card.

 There are really two important components. First you will need an outer card shell & second a slightly smaller inner card which will be cut into & folded to form the pop up. I used this YouTube video for the basic technique. The two will be adhered together after embellishing.

In the video the "boxes" were decorated with stars & tape ribbon, but I wanted mine "wrapped". I used a patterned paper strip for each cut to the width of each pop up (mine were 2", 1-1/2" & 1"). I used one piece at double the width to cover each box & a second piece slightly longer to add behind the white card, giving a better illusion of a 3D covered box (see below)

You could cover each layer to look like a Christmas tree. Cut a green triangle that can fit within the card. Cut it into sections that fit over the pop ups, extending onto the background card base - wouldn't that be fun to decorate? I wish I had made time to play with this technique some more. Here is another YouTube video with the card turned sideways making a base for a layered city! Again - so cute to creatively decorate it for Christmas!

I hope you can squeeze in a little crafty time in the midst of all the holiday festivities & play with this a little. I even found a super-simple card that could be made by children for a thank you card. It's always good to have a few ideas for when they are bored!

You know that we LOVE it when you share!

So, if you are inspired to make your own cards, layouts or projects - from Season's Greetings, a previous Christmas special, a Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit that you haven't quite used up or a new kit inspired by any one of our dozens and dozens of inspirational kits - you can share in these places:
See you tomorrow for more CKC inspiration!

Merry Christmas!