Thursday, February 17, 2011

Layout: "Things That Maddy Knows" (Putting the Pen to Paper Mini Challenge)

I love to journal on my layouts...but it's usually background for the photos.  I have been trying to make the journaling more meaningful in the past few years, I have tried to add specific details, and most importantly, I try to journal about the pictures within a week or two of taking them (so I don't forget anything).

This challenge allowed me to include some of Maddy's "ramblings", that otherwise would have been forgotten.  I was listening to her the other day, and decided that I should write down what she was saying as soon as I could get to a pen and paper...or I would quickly forget the details.  Fast forward 5 days, I read Bethany's "Mini Challenge" and thought these ramblings would be PERFECT for the challenge!

So off I set to create my layout.  Well, I have 2 confessions...

1st, I had to pull out MORE paper to use for this mini challenge.  I have already used up all of my counterfeit kit paper!  In order to complete this challenge, I grabbed some patterned paper (from my stash) that coordinates with the embellishments and scraps that I had left from my Counterfeit Kit. 

2nd, I ALWAYS create double page layouts.  But this mini challenge seemed a little overwhelming to turn into a double page I made a one page layout!!!  I will place it as either the first or last page of an album...and no, I didn't convert to one page layouts!  I still love my 2-pagers!!! 

Here is my layout which describes "Things That Maddy Knows"--according to her at age 4 1/2.

Please link a picture of your "Putting the Pen to Paper" mini challenge here...  I can't wait to see what you created!



  1. Meridy I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I will be doing this for my DD too! Awesome Idea!

  2. Wonderful page - so many memories captured. Wish I'd been better at note-keeping when my kids were this age.

  3. Nice page! Love the content and it looks awesome!

  4. This is such a FANTASTIC idea!!! Love that you recorded her speaking style as well as what she knows- LOVE how you placed the writing on the page- I am SO going to try this!!!! This website was recommended by a friend- it's fast becoming my favorite!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your interpretation of this challenge. Your layout is darling, with lots of visual interest despite the lack of photos. Now I've got to get my behind in gear to scrap...

  6. This is absolutely adorable!! And, what a great way to remember the things our children say at a certain age!

  7. i really like this butterfly on left corner, lovely!