Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's All in the Numbers

Here's February's "numerology" using our Counterfeit Kits...how did you add up?  Leave a comment and share the total number of layouts,projects, and /or cards you created this month!

9:# of 1-page layouts Meridy, Bethany, and Gabrielle created
9:# of 2-page layouts Meridy, Bethany, and Gabrielle created
5:# of cards we created
2004: year of the OLDEST product we used this month was sold...MM Page Pebbles!
15: # of years old the earring is the Gabirleel used on one of her layouts
5: # of dollars the 3 of us spent on our Counterfeit Kits (combined)
92:# of pictures the three of us scrapbooked using our kits
241:# of Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Followers as of today
173:# of people who linked their work to Mister Linky this month
1:# of mini albums Bethany creates with her kit
1: # of winners of a FREE Scraps of Darkness February 2011 Kit
2: # of days until the March Inspiration Kit Reveal!!!
9: # of Valentines cards we made with our kits
125: # of times Bethany was interrupted while trying to use her kit (give or take)

And here's what's left of our Counterfeit Kits!!!   WOW!

Bethany's Leftovers...

Gabrielle's Leftovers...
Meridy's Leftovers...


  1. I managed 6 12x12 pages and 3 8½x11 pages for 4 different albums, spending NOTHING to make the kit which used some stash from 2006 (when I started scrapbooking) and have a decent box of scraps left over for cards.

  2. Sadly, I only made one layout and two cards this month. Hopefully I can do better than that in March, lol! The good news is that the layout was the first one I've made in a year, so it is just what I needed to jump back in.

  3. I managed to make 3 layouts (12x12), 5 cards, one mini album, and 3 tutorials created for one of the cards, the doily flower, and the mini album I created! That's pretty good! I have no idea how old some of my stuff was! Two of the layouts are now framed and hanging in my dining room, and the cards all have birthday recipients to get to!

  4. I ended up making 2 layouts and 3 cards. I had a dress pattern in my stash from at least 1980, by the looks of the shirt on the package! LOL. Next month I hope to accomplish a few more, but it's all baby steps! Fun challenges this month. Thanks.

  5. OK, I posted a picture on my blog of what was leftover from my kit. I used a ton of my stuff, and found that some things I thought I would use I didn't. Thanks again! I had a great time, and can't wait to see what next month bring.

  6. I got two LO's done, but the mini album is already to finish when I get the pics together~~ Had a ton of fun getting the kit together, looking forward to March's kit!! And my goal to be in the March blog hop. If I say it out loud, I'll have to do it!!!

  7. I got 10 single page layouts done with my kit and have a picture on my blog of what is left over - not a lot. It cost me NOTHING to use my stash and I'm really looking forward to seeing what March holds.

  8. I completed:
    2 one page layouts
    1 mini book
    2 large tags
    1 wall hanging
    1 picture frame
    I can't wait till the March Inspiration. I posted on my blog what's left of my kit.

  9. I completed 8 12 x 12 LO's using my kit. I had hoped to do more but am happy with the results. It was a ton of fun! I need to go post a picture of what is left over at my blog. I am really looking forward to next month's kit challenge!

  10. 4 # of 8x8 pages completed using kit
    3 # of links to Mister Linky
    1 # of 2 page layouts made
    1 # of pages started but not YET done
    15 # 0f pictures used
    0 # of dollars spent on kit
    1 # of new followers since the blog hop
    40 # of handmade embelly I made
    1 ton # of fun I had using my counterfeit kit

  11. I'm not finished yet but so far I have created 2 single page 12 x 12 LO's and 1 2-page LO (does that make sense?). I have more planned for this weekend. I wish life wouldn't get in the way so often, lol. I'm not into making cards but may give it a try with the leftover scraps. Gotta say I love this blog!
    Shara (aka Mom2sons)

  12. I created 6 12x12 layouts and one card with my kit. The oldest product I used was some Daisy D's paper and tags from 2003. The Narratives tag and transparency I used were also that old. I spent zilch my kit! Looking foward to the 5th for the new reveal!

  13. I only finished two layouts so I have a ton of stuff left, but I was really happy with them and especially happy to be using up my stash! So looking forward to the March kit. The blog hop rocked!

  14. I made 3 layouts & 2 cards and still plan on using my kit more. Everything I've had in my stash for quite awhile, so I am glad to be using it. Looking forward to March's kit. You gals rock!

  15. Your numbers are amazing, ladies!! I was not that impressed with my totals, but since they got lumped together with Meridy and Bethany's, they look pretty awesome!

  16. By the numbers:
    10: number of single page 12x12 LO's that I made with my Counterfeit Kit
    1: number of 12x12 single page LO's that I still have in the works
    1: number of double page 12x12 LO's finished
    2: number of cards that I made with this month's kit
    1: full sheet of cardstock plus a bunch of scraps (I threw the smaller ones away-less than 3 inches wide or long)
    1: full sheet of patterned paper plus a few partial sheets
    The age of the oldest product used I am not quite sure, it was probably the page pebbles for me too. Some of the Teresa Collins patterned cardstock was several years old, too-funny how things come back in style, right?
    I have a wrap-up with a few more projects and the picture of what's left of my kit (s) on my blog.

  17. wow, you guys do a lot! I only managed 3.5 layouts (one's still on my table and I may squeeze out another one ) and 1 tag. But I had so much fun with it being my 1st time...can't wait to come back and play on the weekend.

  18. I haven't paper scrapped in so long so this was a great inspiration to get me started. I finished six layouts and three cards. Some of them are pictured here
    Thanks for starting this.

  19. I finally blogged my final take on February's kit - its here