Thursday, March 17, 2011

Masters of Forgery Introductions Part 1

We are excited for you to get to know our very talented Design Team this month before they WOW you with their creative genius next month!  We asked each Forger to make an I-Spy Photo collage that tells us about them and gave them a few scrappy words to choose from to make an accrostic that tells about some of their favorite things!  Here are the first few designers we want you to get to know!

C reate
O pen spave
U PS (as in delivery!)
N irvana
T ape runner
E mbellishments
R ibbons
F riends
E njoy
I nnovation
T echniques


S ketches
C orrugated or circles
R oad, Maya that is!!!
A ltering or Alphabet stamps
B o Bunny
O rganizaing
O dds and Ends
K its
I inks (chalk!)
N otebooks
G eorgia Pacific Card Staock/ Graph paper

Here’s how I am prepared to be one of the COPYCATS:

C ardstock – colors by the crateful
O rganized - baubles and bling by the way I scrap
P atterned Papers – plentiful & pretty, pretty, pretty
Y ears - of memories to scrap, pages to come
C lasses – countless taken, more to learn
A dhesive – to attach every kind of bling accumulated
T ools - many to be used with easy Techniques
S tudio – my little papered piece of heaven on earth

We will have more introductions coming up in the next few days!  


  1. Crystal, I am soooo addicted to Cherry Coke Zero! Too funny! I love you guys' collages!I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. These are great collages - each so unique!

  3. great collages ladies! I love them! :)

  4. Great collages - so looking forward to seeing all your creations next month!

  5. Oh this is so fun.
    Love everyones take on this.

  6. What an awesome way to introduce the team!! Great to learn more about the ladies!! :)

  7. Such a fun way to have your introductions!