Thursday, April 7, 2011

Counterfeit Felt Butterflies Tutorial

"Creative Impressions" felt butterflies from the inspiration kit.

Digital Cutters
Depending on the type of digital cutter you may have there are many different options.  There are various butterflies on Cricut Cartridges, and many butterflies available for download in the Silhouette Gallery.  If your digital cutter has the ability to cut True Type Fonts (.TTF files), you may want to look at this set of Butterfly Dingbats.  There are some very pretty images of butterflies in that "font" set.

You can even use your Cricut to cut felt butterflies.  Here is a great tutorial for cutting felt with your Cricut.  Here is a little more information for cutting felt.

Butterflies from a flower punch/die cut
A tutorial to create a layered butterfly using a 6 petal flower punch (or die cut).

Butterfly Punches and "Dressing Them Up"
Martha Stewart also has many different butterfly punches, the one pictured below is the "closest" to the one in our inspiration kit.  To add some interest and "dress up" the punched butterfly, you can layer two of the punches on top of one another and bend the wings a bit on the top layer, or use two different colors of paper, or add some bling, ink, or chalk.  The possibilities are endless! 


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have had good luck cutting felt with my Cuttlebug - it also embosses well. Going to try it in my Vagabond next.

  2. Fantastic!! This was one thing missing from my kit, so I hope to try these. I've never tried cutting felt in my Cricut.