Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Master Forger Kits

Our Guest Designer, Helen, has put together this Counterfeit Kit...

"For this month's main kit I at first thought that I'd struggle to copy it from my stash - but lo and behold  - it was easy! I decided to try and stick with the colour scheme and picked out papers that sort of matched the originals where possible. I went for some dots, flowers, fruit and waves to make this a summery kit. Lots of my papers seem a bit busy - so I may have to add in some calmer scraps to tone it down when I come to use it.

The fun part for me was putting together the embellishments - I love this bit the best! I started with a printed out selection of digital elements from the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel line. I added bug stickers, alphas, buttons, gems and a selection of ribbons and trims. The white flowers will get coloured later on to match the LOs as needed.

I added a picture from a cheap secondhand book and a free fabric sample with boats/beach huts on. In went some acetate shapes in matching red and blues even though they came from an oriental kit! Then I got the ink and paint out, stamped 4 tags and painted a paper doily with red acrylic. Next I made banners with ledger and graph paper and used stamps, rub ons and sticker waste to decorate. I then stamped tissue paper with polka dots and cut it into strips - after a bit of crinkling it looks a bit like crepe paper. Finally I cut out flowers and strawberries from interface-backed fabric.

There was such a lot in the original kit! I love the fact that I would not have put these bits together without its inspiration."

Helen also re-created the Martha's Vineyard Add-On Kit...

"I also decided to copy the Martha's Vineyard add-on kit. This one has a colour combo that I would not have picked by myself but I love a new challenge! I've chosen black, lilac, jade, and orange for my colours and I've also thrown in a printout of freebie digital ledger paper.

I've added 4 border strips - the 12 x 2 ones that I never know what to do with! I'm hoping to use up 2 part used sticker sheets and 2 part used rub on alphas. More gems, ribbons, buttons and flowers went in and some handmade stamped journaling circles - to be assembled when needed. I also made 3 twisted fabric flowers that I'll embellish to match the LOs later.

There's a fuller list of products used over on my blog if you are interested at I really love what I've put together - I can't wait to use it and to see what everyone else creates!"

Here are our talented Master Forgers' Counterfeit Kits, for more information on their kits, click on their names.

Susanne's Main Kit

Margie's Main Kit
Margie's "Martha's Vineyard" Add-On Kit

Sherri's Main Kit

Sherri's "Liberty Crossing" Add On

Meridy's Main Kit
Meridy's "Liberty Crossing" Add On

Meridy's "Travel" Add On

Melissa's Main Kit

Kim's Main Kit

Kim's "Liberty Crossing" Add On

Gabrielle's Main Kit

Gabrielle's Paper

Gabrielle's "Liberty Crossing" Add On

Crystal's Main Kit

Crystal's Add On

Bethany's Main Kit


  1. Wow, such an assortment of fabulousness! I must have a go myself!

  2. Amazing kits - and it was really interesting to read Helen's creative process!

  3. Good job Helen! All the kits are so unique, that is what I love about this site!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous kits! You have all given me some good ideas for making my own kit. Hoping to get to that today.

  5. Love your kit Helen!! Great kits by the Master Forgers too!! So bright and colourful!

  6. This is sooo much fun! Love seeing how everyone pulled this together and I can't wait to start playing with mine!

  7. Wow!! Each of these kits are fabulous and inspiring!

  8. Everything looks great - and so many add-ons this time! I started pulling ideas/papers together last night, and you all have given some great ideas for embellishments to add to my kit. Thanks!

  9. great set of kits there, welldone