Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tutorial-Alphas with Flourishes

These Square Alphabet Stickers, by Fancy Pants in the Wishful Thinking line are in this month's Main Inspiration Kit.  I decided to replicate them using stamps and graph paper. 

Fancy Pants Wishful Thinking Line

Supply List:
Alphabet Stamps
Graph Paper (printable graph paper)
Flourish Stamps
Various Colors of Ink
Corner Rounder
Black Pen
Paper Trimmer

Step 1:
Cut the graph paper into one inch or 1 1/2 squares (I tried both for this tutorial).

Step 2:
Stamp the desired letters onto the graph paper.
Step 3:
Stamp flourishes in different colored ink onto your squares. And round the corners using your corner rounder.

Step 4:
Add in the adjectives, verbs, or nouns that correspond with each letter.  Below are two sample titles that I created with this technique.  Super easy and pretty quick!  Enjoy!

OOPS!  I almost forgot, each letter has a hand drawn border just the inside of the can add that in if you'd like it to match even better!


  1. These are very pretty, easy and a great use of stamps (and could be done in a hybrid fashion too if you didn't have quite the righ font/swirl).

  2. If I didn't actually have these stickers, I'd be following along and whipping some up. Although these would be great for titles in the future - must remember this.

  3. This is so cool! SU just came out with a set of alphabet stamps similar to this. This is way cheaper and looks just as good! Thanks!

  4. LOVE THIS! I love graph paper and swirls and fonts, HEAVEN!

  5. I bought some gridded 3 x 5 cards when I was on vacation in Germany. (Yes, I buy office supplies for souveniers, hehe!) I think they will work fantastic for this project.