Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are Stamps??

In my stamping travels through Pinterest, I have found some very unusual stamping ideas!  You have to check these out!


  1. Oh yes, bubble wrap - that's such fun to stamp with (if a bit sticky and messy!). I used to do potato-cut stamping when I was little - and when my DS was little too. And some other vegetables too - how about capsicum peppers ("green peppers") cut in half - either lengthways or widthways, depending on what pattern you want (across their width gives you the crinkly pattern from the white bits inside that hold the seeds - and if you cut through the fat white seed-bit, you get that part on your stamped patterns too). Carrots can be cut for stamping too, also turnips/swedes/parsnips - anything firm and not too juicy. Even apples or pears!
    I also used to make "stamps" or printing plates from those circles of polystyrene that come with some pizza packages. One side usually has a pattern of squares on it anyway, so that's great for backgrounds; the other side is smooth - you can press hard objects into it, or draw/write on it and then put ink/paint over the top. It works better if you lay the paper over it and gently smooth it down with a hand or bowl of a spoon. Remember that everything you do comes out in reverse - including writing!
    Thanks for these links, I will go and look at them all now!

  2. Okay, I absolutely draw the line at okra --ewww!!

  3. Wonderful ideas for creative stamping! My favorites are the okra and potato, but they are all genius!

  4. I don't know that I want to give up one single delicious piece of okra to stamping, but it's a fun idea!

    I've always meant to use bubble wrap, too - I've seen interesting backgrounds done with the bubblewrap idea.