Friday, October 14, 2011

Candy Inspiration Challenge

The fall makes me think of Halloween....which makes me think of fun costumes and trick or treating...which makes me think of CANDY!  I love the time of year when you get to dress up and get candy just because you are a kid.  And you can.  :)

Do you remember this movie?

And I do mean the one with Gene Wilder (not Johnny Depp...I love him, but he comes off creepy in this movie!).  I used to dream about that room made out of candy when I was a kid.  The one with gummy bear trees and a chocolate river.  That would be a room to be inspired in!

Today's Challenge:
Use candy to inspire your project!  Pick your favorite candy and use the colors/packaging/reason it is your favorite and get to creating something great!

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  1. We had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on tv a few days ago - and we all watched it, it's a family favourite!
    Yes, I would like to be in a candy room - just for a little while. But I was never too sure about those Umpaloompas - they seemed a bit creepy to me (and the one(s) in the new film - reeeely creepy!).
    Candy for inspiration.... Hummm... Thinking... Idea!
    Thanks for this - fun post today.

  2. candy is a bad word in our house due to medical dietary issues. Normally candy makes me think of calculators and injections ....

  3. This was a fun challenge! And here's to the original C&TCF! Johnny Depp just didn't do it for me and I thought it was all a bit too modern for this old fashioned gal! Mmmm a Cadbury's chocolate river.... now that would be something!

  4. I thought this would be a hard challenge but it was really fun! I can't wait to share!!! xoxo

  5. I much prefer the original C & CF I really didn't like Johnny Depp's characterisation of the part.
    I loved this challenge but I had to use something that wasn't in my kit to do the actual candy it is here on my blog