Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitter's Block

Do you ever get "kitter's" block?  For instance have we ever picked a kit that  really doesn't resonate with you?  Or are you tired of trying to match the kit piece by piece every month and you want to try something different?  Maybe you still want to counterfeit, but you don't really know how to change things up a bit...well, here are a few ideas to get you over "kitter's" block.

First a few different approaches...

  • Try to re-create each piece of the inspiration kit exactly as it is.  Sometimes I find it fun to challenge myself to do this.
  • Go for the overall color scheme, but use products that appeal to your personal style...for example, use your "go-to" embellishments or style.  If you love vintage, but the inspiration kit is modern, keep the color scheme, but use vintage style papers and embellishments rather than modern looking ones.  
  • Look at the scale of the patterned papers and the size  of the embellishments for inspiration.  Go in a totally different direction when it comes to color and/or individual pieces.  Instead, use the inspiration kit as a "recipe"---for example look at each "piece" of the kit as a size rather than a color or an item:  Kind of like this--3 sheets of patterned paper with an extra large pattern, 5 sheets of patterned paper with a small pattern, 2 striped papers, 1 polka dot paper, 2 extra large embellishments, 5 medium embellishments, and 12 extra small embellishments.
  • Pick one embellishments/element and base your kit on that.  For example, if the kit is heavily embellished with birds, create a bird theme kit.  Or maybe there is a great stamp set in the inspiration kit, you might want to pull embellishments and papers from your stash that mimic that stamp set.
  • Go for the "theme" of the kit: fall, vintage, Halloween, Christmas, birthday, etc.  Even if the colors are completely different, pull out items that you have that are inspired by the theme of the inspiration kit.  Or maybe the inspiration kit is shabby chic, pull out paper and embellishments from your stash that say "shabby chic" to you, regardless if those particular items are in the inspiration kit.
  • Make a much smaller kit than the inspiration.  This works especially well if you think you might not have too many pictures to match the inspiration kit.  It's also a good idea if you don't have enough similar items to the inspiration kit contents.  Another reason you may choose to do a "mini" kit is if you know you are going to be very busy and you might only get a chance to scrapbook a layout or two this month.
  • Make a kit larger than the inspiration kit.  This would be perfect if you plan on using your counterfeit  kit to create a whole album or mini album.

Mixing Patterned Papers for your Counterfeit Kits
Sometimes you may get stuck trying to mix patterned papers for your Counterfeit Kit, it can be hard even with the inspirration kit right in front of you.  So here are a few ideas and tips for mixing patterned papers...

The following is a set of 3 blog posts with videos on mixing patterned papers:
Mixing Patterned Paper Part 1
Mixing Patterned Paper Part 2
Mixing Pattered Paper Part 3

And one last video about mixing patterned papers


  1. Super links and videos thanks!

  2. I've been watching my friends Heather and Brenda play along and I can't wait to join in this month!!! eek!