Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Cane Christmas Kit...(say that 5 times fast)

Good morning all, Susanne here. Just a quick post today to show you the Christmas scrapping kit I put together. I wasn’t trying to counterfeit anyone’s kit this month; I simply wanted to take some of the goodies I recently received as blog candy and turn them into a kit.

Here’s the “candy” part that I received – it definitely sets a tone for a kit that will be on the formal/vintage end of the spectrum. It’s a nice start, but tis the season to celebrate, so more would be better.

I went rooting around in my stash and came up with all of this which fills the kit out nicely – let’s call it the “cane” part.

Naturally, my kit would be called “Christmas Candy Cane”, the full details of which can be found on my blog today. Ho ho ho!!

While you are there, you might want to take a look at the other Christmas kit I put together – it was on the fun/casual end of the spectrum. (She writes while trying not to look too smug at having covered the entire spectrum of Christmas mood-i-tude!) Hee hee hee!

Do leave a comment and tell me which end of the spectrum your Christmas mood falls: casual or vintage, or somewhere in between. And be sure to pop back here tomorrow to see what Lisa has in store for you.

Merry Christmas!!!



  1. lovely kit and great way to expand your candy. I recieved a small snow theme kit recently, so perhaps I'll have a go at epanding it a bit like you did.
    thank you for the inspiration and our Christmas is fairly casual and very kiddie/family orientated.

  2. Lovely kit - great way to incorporate the candy. Hard to decide on vintage vs modern - I love it all! This year I'm veering towards a retro feel

  3. I love your take on Candy Cane!!! Your kit is inspired and I look forward to seeing what you create with it! I especially like the "cane" elements to your kit :-) cute snowflakes and flowers.

  4. What an awesome kit! I want! :)

  5. Lovely kit - great way to utilise it!

  6. "more would be better" - so true :). Looks great - happy crafting!

  7. I especially like your use of the word "Mooditude"! NICE kits!