Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Season Photo Opportunities

Get out your camera, it's time to take some pictures!

Photo by Meridy Twilling
Today I want to give you a list of Holiday season photo ideas. You may need photos for your P365, December Daily, or for your scrapbooks or photo albums. I hope you find something on the list that inspires you to get out your camera.

I know that most of us are already taking pictures of the holiday events, school programs, picture with Santa, Church programs, and snow. I am trying to give you a few different ideas. Most of these ideas will work with or without people in your pictures.

* your mailbox filled with your outgoing Holiday cards
* the stockings hanging empty and then filled- When my daughter was three I got a picture of her decorating the tree and she was wearing two Christmas stockings.
* children writing their letter to Santa
* the temperature on a bank sign or in your car when you go out in the morning
* the Menorah each night
* a holiday craft you are working on
* a baby in a Christmas stocking- We did this to my grandson the year he was born.
* the special dish you only get to eat on the holiday along with the recipe
* playing with the decorations as you are trimming the tree- I have a picture of one of my daughters wrapped in Christmas lights, and another of the girls wearing ornaments as earrings.
* the wrapping paper rolls
* lined up boots and the mitten pile or everyone bundled up to go out
* enjoying a warm cocoa or tea
* a pinecone and needles with snow
* your favorite ornament- I love the idea of making a mini album with pictures of all of my favorite ornaments and who gave them to me and any story behind them.
* your street decorations or a picture of all of the houses on your street decorated
* snow angels
* charity work- donated canned goods, the tree of names, the Salvation Army bell
* the grocery cart filled with everything you need for you holiday party
* decorating a gingerbread house or cookie
* the kids getting off the bus on the last day before vacation
* three wise men- I know you have to know some wise men
* kids wrapping their gifts to others- My girls always shopped at the dollar store for our whole family. They picked one item for each relative and then wrapped them all. It was so exciting for them to be able to pick each gift and take the time to wrap them.
* the clock when you finally get to go to bed on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve
* snow chains on your tires
* enjoying your favorite holiday story or movie
* the plate of cookies and milk or whatever treat you leave for Santa
* dreidel game
* a special seasonal jewelry piece- I have a snowflake necklace that I love and a reindeer pin made from puzzle pieces.
* holiday morning breakfast
* watching the parade in person or on tv
* Advent calendar- It doesn't matter if it's the Lego Advent, Starbucks, or the one you worked on at home for weeks.
* Christmas jammies
* winter toys- ice block maker, sleds, quads, snowmobiles
* the sledding hill before there is snow and after
* Happy Birthday Jesus- Our friends make a cake and celebrate every year.
* a holiday craft you are working on
* a craft fair
* the bus if you are taking a bus trip- At Christmas we have a lot of bus trips to NY for a show.
* your suitcases if you are traveling
* the car loaded with the gifts you are giving
* baking
* a live nativity
* the special gift/craft that comes home from school with your child

Last, but not least...Don't forget to take a picture of something that didn't work out- the gingerbread man that someone bit before he had a chance to be decorated, the wrapped gift that the paper didn't fit on and you had to use another sheet to patch, the clay ornaments you made that all cracked when you baked them. Those things that you don't want to even think about right now but will be funny later.

Happy Picture Taking!!!


  1. oh wow, you are inspiring me .... thank you

  2. Excellent list - really useful!

  3. such a great list - I'll be checking it off as I go through it!

  4. This is fab. i've got to print it for Journal Your Christmas. Just one thing. What is a Dreidel game??

  5. Great list! Kirsty A Dreidel game is a Jewish game that children play, it a top game or sorts.

  6. Thanks, Jennifer - I just printed this list. I've run into a couple of "I don't have anything to write about/take pictures of" days in my DD, and I need to stock pile some "filler" ideas. There are some good ones on this list!

  7. Awesome list! I'll be sure to get some of these photos. And beautiful photo Meridy!!! Wow! xoxo