Monday, December 19, 2011

Peg Angels by Helen

Hello, its Helen here today with an idea for some Christmas decorations. Do you remember making these peg dolls as a child? I can remember one dressed in fabric scraps, and decided to make 3 little peg doll angels using paper scraps and trims. This is a great project to do with the kids (or just for yourself if you are a big kid like me!)

They are really easy to make and cheap too - my pegs came with stands and I got 10 for £1 in the sale at The Works earlier in the year. Everything else is just scraps and a great excuse to break out the sparkly papers and trims. Some of the left over pegs will get painted for tree ornaments and some our daughter will decorate for herself.

First of all I drew the faces and coloured the hair with Sharpies and felt tips. Next I made a template for the dress and wings out of scrap card - again this is easy - but I've taken a photo to give you an idea if you'd like to make your own and would like a starting point.

Then I chose the paper for the dress, cut it out and decorated with sparkly trims and ribbons. I ran a strip of glue down one edge and wrapped the dress around my peg.

For the wings I found a really old sheet of glittered vellum - but any paper would work and paper doilies would look pretty too. Once my wings were cut I added fluffy, glittery fibers around the edges - I knew if I kept them long enough I'd find a use for them!

Once the wings were glued in place I made a halo from a gold pipe cleaner (thank you Ellie). You could easily use any wire you have to hand - even that silvery, twisty wire that holds toys in place in their packaging! The end of the pipe cleaner is pushed down the back of the dress (poor angel!)

A bit of blu-tac helps to keep my pegs in their bases - but it would be easy to make these into hanging ornaments if you added a screw-in eyelet to the head (poor, poor angel!) or tied ribbon around the peg before adding the dress. You could also wrap a pipe cleaner around the peg for arms and have her holding a little hymn sheet. Here are my 3 finished angels

Finally for inspiration here are a few links to others who have made some really gorgeous peg dolls.


  1. These angels are super cute and reminded me of the peg dolls I made by the dozen as a child! Great project.

  2. These little angels are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!