Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Using Scrap Supplies to Make Ornaments

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This is Rebecca.  I "love" lots of things today :).  I love these daily posts for December, and I love that we can share all these ideas on the blog this month.  My post today goes along with some more holiday loves from me.....I love decorating, and I love trees.....I love the sparkle and the shine.....I love the near constant awareness of home and feeling of coziness.....And oh, how I love ornaments!
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I may have an ornament problem. Crystal would say there's no "may" about it.  I am of the mind that a house cannot possibly have too many trees, and a tree cannot possibly have too many ornaments. Two to a branch? Nah, try three! 
We don't have a basement, so the first year we lived in our new house we spent our holiday break time erecting heavy duty shelving in our garage, just so we could move all the decorations off the floor to make room for a car.  We do store various household things there, but a solid 80% of it houses my holiday decor.  Now, to my credit, it has only expanded by one overhead shelf in the 4 years we've lived here.  AND, our former house was a lot bigger, so I've started to purge each year, too.  But while I can get rid of lots of things, ornaments are generally not negotiable. 

Last year we didn't decorate because Junior was a puppy.  So I was extra happy to unpack some ornaments this year. We're still a bit scaled back - we just started leaving Junior out of the crate while we're at work during the day - and hopefully we'll be back to full strength decorating for next year.

So, in the spirit of, "one can never have too many ornaments,"  here are some quick ornaments to make today.  Even if you've already decorated, I'm sure you could find some room for one....or 10....or 100 more!  All of the ideas here use items you likely have in your scrapbooking stash, namely papers, cardstocks and basic embellishments.

The Die Cuts with a View blog featured homemade ornaments throughout the fall, and there are some great tutorials there in the October 2011 posts. 

And here's a similar idea on Dawn McVay's blog, in another snowflake shape, with glitter:

A paper garland - garland can fill in a tree faster than any amount of ornaments:

When I saw Glinda's paper pumpkins in November's blog hop (, it made me think how nice that idea would work as an ornament.  Here's a tutorial for a similar idea, made with
paper strips:

And here's something similar, in the shape of a heart:

Another mini-house pattern. She uses greeting cards, but your stash of pattern paper/cardstock and scraps can work, too:

Can't forget the popular paper rosettes! Here's a youtube video for how to make them with a scoreboard:

I added all of these ideas to one of my Pinterest boards,  If you have anything to add to this board, please let me know.  If you send me your email address, I can add you as a contributor, or if you send me the link to an idea, I can add the pin.  Either way, I'd love to see the list grow!

Merry Christmas and Happy December Crafting!



  1. Thanks for these! I make ornaments like the ones pictured, plus several other designs too.
    I was lucky enough to have a tutorial featured last year, to make paper star ornaments. It was in 2 parts - part one was at Dobbies' blog and the other part (taking it a step further) was on my own. ( )
    I always like to find other ideas, so I'll be following your links too. Thank you!

  2. Lovely set of links! I made garlands last year and loved the way they look - I'm hoping to make more this year. The houses are very tempting too!

  3. AMAZING links!!! I'm overwhelmed...Can't decide which to make.

  4. Lizzie, I added your link, along with a few others, to the pin board, too!

  5. already checked out your pinterest board and pinned a few for myself. there are some gorgeous ideas here - thanks so much for sharing! great post.