Saturday, January 21, 2012

Challenge #2: Glitter Challenge

My glitter obsession started when I was quite young:

Let's many glittery things are inhabiting in my scrapbook studio?
Glitter (fine and chunky)
Glitter paint
Glitter buttons
Glitter alphabets
Glitter embossing powders
Glitter paper
Glitter pens
Glitter ribbon

Getting an idea of what our next challenge is?

Challenge #2:  Glitter Challenge:  Find some fun ways to add some sparkle to your project.  Or just blow some glitter around your room and call it a day.

Make your own glitter rub ons
Make your own glitter paper
Glitter Techniques
Using Embossing Folders to add glitter

Now go forth and glitter something!  (And if it won't stand still long enough, then try some glue...)


  1. I'm excited about this challenge! I don't use glitter so often on my layouts but I LOVE it so this was great for me to get sparkly! Can't wait to see what everyone else makes too :-)

  2. I have so much glittery stuff just waiting to be used. Great ideas here!