Saturday, February 18, 2012

Come Window Shop with Me...

Are you ready for this?  I mean hold onto your wallet really ready?  We are just WINDOW shopping today.  Don't blame me if it ends up costing you a bit of cash. 

**How amazing is this!  And I don't dare put up the price because I don't want anyone to feel sad.  LOL

**These are really beautiful!  They would be a show stopper all on their own!

**Ummmm...HELLO!  Brillliant!

**Really, you might as well bookmark this one...really amazing products!

Do you have any great new finds YOU want to share? 


  1. That first one is seriously silly money
    love the MME but they are out of stock
    The thickers look good too and a nice idea that you can alter them to suit

  2. I really NEEEEED the MME stuff - love every single item they bring out! Maybe in a month or two...