Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organize THIS-Week 3

Wow, we are already on our 3rd week of our Organize This!!!  I hope your brainstorming over the past 2 weeks has given you some encouragement and motivation to move ahead.  I have a LONG list of things that don't really work for me, but on the up side, I also have a good sized list of things that I LOVE about my space and it's set up. 

This weeks' Challenge, found here, as all about getting some of those "problem" areas removed from your space, so you can replace them with a better storage/organizational solution.  I personally will be moving just my problem areas out (a few at a time)...But for those of you planning on starting your space with a completely blank slate, here is the bonus blog post for you to refer to.  There are links to TONS of inspiration rooms/areas in this bonus post. 

Feel free to add any pictures of your space as you go through this weeks' process on our Facebook page, or linked  in the comments below.  Is anyone planning on starting with a completely blank slate?  

One of my many "problem areas",
the space between 2 storage shelving units.  It is "supposed" to be punch storage...
but instead is a "catch-all" for all sorts of stuff!!!


  1. While I am not starting with a blank slate, I am working on getting my current space emptied. I know this is going to take months and months. And possibly more months. But I plant to redecorate once the room is emptied of its contents. Emptying would not be so time-consuming had I not decided to catalog and purge as I go. I have currently removed all my wood mounted stamps and am working my way through the acrylics now. I really think this is going to be the biggest step on my way to organizational freedom. I appreciate the tips, links and encouragement on this site. You ladies rock!

  2. I'm feeling so motivated to get moving but lacking the time :-) Vicious circle though because not having stuff organised takes more time! I have one or two problem areas that I really ought to photograph and post to motivate me to get going :-) Maybe after LOAD...