Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you add anything else to your Counterfeit Kits?

I love working from my Counterfeit Kits.  Sometimes I just grab a kit and go (to scrapbook at a crop or a friend's house).  So that got me thinking, what else besides the scrapbook supplies, can I put into my kits to make them even more complete and ready to use?  Here are a few things I thought any of you have any other ideas???

  • Coordinating Photos (enough for multiple layouts)
  • Journaling notes
  • Sketches
 I would love to hear some other ideas!


  1. I always seen to want to add to the kit as I go along, a bit of card stock to mount photos on or as a highlight for something else, especially as I often cut my own title using Robo.
    If I forget to add button that is a calamity so they have to be added.
    perhaps dymo journalling or printing my journalling on the computer

  2. I add about the same stuff you do-photos, journaling, and sketches. I usually try to add some printed digi supplies, so I know I am getting my use out of all of the fun stuff I download.

  3. String, tags, glitter,glitter,glitter. sparkly stuff.

  4. I always add handmade embellishments that I've made from leftovers of other kits. I tend to package them up together so it feels like a new pack of embellishments, and I always add a pack or two to my current kit. And tape. I paint my own deco tape, so I throw in a yard or two, and sometimes I use the colors or theme of the kit to design a new yard of tape.

  5. I usually forget cardstock and letter stickers.I am in the boat that anything in my CURRENT stash is game for my CKCkits!

  6. I usually find myself adding some more neutral cardstock thorough the month and I use so much twine that there's no way I could add it to the kit at the beginning of the month! Ok, and buttons or brads.. So, if I was running out of the door with my kit, I'd grab white cardstock, two balls of twine, a handful of buttons, my photos, my Page Maps mini sketch cards and my inspiration book which is full of layout prompt ideas! And then I'd spend all my time chatting and being nosey about what everyone else was making and probably not create anything at all - but it would have been a lot of fun!

  7. I printed out sketches! I didn't photograph them in my kit but I ought to!!! xoxo