Monday, March 19, 2012

Organize This: Week 6

This week we will begin to tackle our photos!  I won a Library of Memories Class several years ago and loved how she got me thinking about organizing this part of my world.  I discovered through this process that I am MUCH better at having my photos stored on the computer than printed out.  I never know what I am going to want to do to a photo before I use it (resize, black and white, crop, alter), so I prefere to print as I go.

We have an external hardrive with our photos backed up on it.  I have folders sorted by year and then by month.  If we do something extra special during a certain month (big trip, birthday) then I make a subfolder for that in the month so it is easy to find. 

Check out My Love Affair with the Label Maker to see her great suggestions for your photos.

How do YOU organize your photos?  I would love to hear!


  1. I'm like you and for the same reason I prefer to store on my computer a portable hard drive. and although I have mine sorted by year and month I also am trying to put them in themes as a shortcut. Recently I have discovered that Picasa will scan your photos for faces and you can then choose the people you want to find and the programme will sort them all. takes for ages but I think this will be very helpful as it does tell you where on your computer they are stored.

  2. Some useful tips there - but please tell me you've got them stored somewhere else as well. Uploaded online, or downloaded onto disk - external hard drives are as susceptible to failure as the one in your PC. In fact probably more so! :)

  3. All my photos are also on DVDs

  4. I just finished reorganizing my entire scrappy room. But the photos - that's another story. Thanks for the reminder. I'll get right on this.

  5. I'm like you I keep them on an external hard drive and CD backup sorted by year then month but I'm also thinking of adding sorting by week for help with my Project Life.