Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tutorial-Painted Embellishments and Paper

MME "Miss Caroline Collection" Lucky Title

MME "On the Bright Side" Yellow Chevron Paper

Playing off the the overall distressed/painted feel of this month's kit...I thought using some of those acrylic paints I have had sitting in my stash of supplies for YEARS would be a great idea...

Yellow Chevron Paper
I ran across this tutorial last week...and although the chevron pattern won't be an exact replica... I think it will DEFINITELY work with the overall feel of this month's kit!!!

Faux Wooden Sign Title
So I have  some REALLY old photo realistic wooden plank paper in my stash...(I'm talking circa 2002, most likely).  Well, it works PERFECT to re-create this title embellishment.  Here are the directions...

Scrap of Faux Wood Plank Paper
Various Alphabet stamps and/or Phrase stamps
Flower (or other small shape) stamp---like those from the $1 bins
Acrylic paint(s)

Step 1:
Stamp the phrases/words/titles/images you plan on using on your "wood plank" paper.  You can use a variety of colors of acrylic paint rather than ink for this step.  The paint will give your stamped images that "distressed" look.  To stamp with acrylic paint, I brush the paint lightly on the stamp with a foam brush (rather than dipping the stamp into the paint).  I also like to do a test stamp on scrap paper before stamping with paint onto my "good" paper. 

*You must clean your stamp(s) really well after stamping with paint.  I run the  stamp under water immediately, before the paint has too long to dry on them).

Step 2:
Cut your stamped title to the desired size, don't forget to add the notches at the ends, to make the cute "banner" type shape! 

*I also added the "outline" to one tag to make it more legible.   The next time I try this, I will use paint colors that contrast more with the paper.


  1. Gorgeous-I'll have to try this!

  2. This looks great - I love this idea :)

  3. Very cool, I want to try both these ideas, thanks!

  4. Two really great ideas. TFS!

  5. I love the way the stamped titles came out. I am going to look through my stamps tonight and see what I can come up with. Thanks for sharing.