Friday, April 27, 2012

Challenge #3: Washi Tape Challenge

Wash tape

I tell you, scrapbookers will use ANYTHING on their paper crafts!  The newest trend is called Washi Tape...or, for those of us with simpler tastes, patterned masking tape.  LOL  You can find it in SO many fun colors and patterns and it adds a fun touch to your projects.  I only own 3 rolls, but I love it already!

Okay, I see the look on your face. is only tape.  How many ways can you even use it, Bethany?

Alright.  You asked for it!

Just masking tape!  HA!  Now you want to do the challenge don't you?  But you don't have any Washi?  How about trying this:

Challenge #3:  Washi Tape Challenge!  Use Washi Tape in a creative way on your project!

Challenge on!! 


  1. I've got my first 4 rolls as a cover gift on Scrapbook Inspirarions. Cant wait to play with it. Thanks for the ideas

  2. Awesome post girls - and VERY inspiring!

  3. Not Washi related, but I have a giveaway on my blog: