Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lisa: Creating my Counterfeit Kit

I was so excited that Lisa decided to post about how she put together her kit!  I know this process is different for everyone, but I know you can get some great ideas and perhaps even the courage to try it if you haven't done one before!

Without further ado...

Lisa's Creating My Counterfeit Kit


  1. I am wondering if you would be willing to share some more information about how you put the counterfeit kits together. I have read some information about the process and steps involved in putting together such a kit, but am very new (and very very interested in this concept). My specific question is...about how many background solid papers, patterened papers, embellishments do you put in an average page kit? Do you get every matching thing you have, or do you limit the amount per "kit". As someone who has never purchased a kit from a monthly kit club, how many papers etc. do they normally put in there? I hope there are other readers who are specifically interested in this also, or maybe you could direct me to some blogs etc. that have addressed this. Thanks, I love reading about the counterfeit kits, fabulous idea!!

    1. Justasiam - I think there isn't really a "formula" for making our kits. If you take just one month's Design Team blog hop, you will see a very wide variety of kit sizes and content. I try to start with half a dozen sheets of cardstock and then build up from there. Sometimes I match the inspiration kit sheet for sheet (as far as numbers or colours etc are concerned) and then once I have these two parts, I add on the embellies. For me, it's important to make my kit manageable. I don't want to have a pile of a dozen kits sitting there half used up. So my kit is usually big enough to make between 6 and 10 layouts. Maybe enough to just keep me going for that month. If you don't scrap so much during the month, you might want to make your kit a bit smaller. I think you could get a good feel for bought kits by looking at what goes into the inspiration kits that the CKC girls choose for us to lift.

      As you can see in this post, I wrote up this month's process on my blog, if that helps ;-)

  2. Yes, and it was really helpful to read about that process...thanks!