Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Organize This: Week 12

Ribbon, twine and fibers...anyone else feel like these can quickly take over your room?  They are so readily available, it is easy to collect them from packages and things.  Pretty soon you have a tangled mess on your workspace.

My Love Affair with the Label Maker has once again come to the rescue with a MASSIVE post of ideas!  Head on over there and get your tangled mess under control.

For me, I have my ribbon sorted by color, wound around clothes pins and sorted into jewlery bags.  (I hang them by book rings in my scraproom closet on the clothes rod.)  My lace and twine are stored in cross stitch floss boxes.

How do you store your ribbon, fibers, twine?


  1. Ribbon on spools is stored in rainbow order in the Simply Renee ribbon holders that hang on the wall. I have two. Shorter pieces of ribbon are tucked into small plastic bags and stored in my color drawers. Alas, I also have ribbon in pretty jars and boxes to decorate my room. I do love ribbon.

  2. ribbons are just kept in large jars - I don't use it so often these days so I need to come up with a better way of storing or maybe letting them go. Twine is just kept close at hand!