Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Absolute MUST have for bloggers and blog lovers!

I was introducted to this amazing tool a little while ago:

It is free to simple register and start adding the blogs that you like to follow.  You can even put them into categories if you like!  Then it keeps tracks of when posts are made on those blogs and pulls them up for you.  I have tried blog readers before and not really liked them.  This one works well for me.

Give it a try.  And don't forget to add Counterfeit Kit Challenge to your list.

How do YOU keep your blogs organized?


  1. I currently use iGoogle and love it but it will be phased out next year...=( Does Blog Lovin' send you emails as notification? Cuz I already have too many of those and would rather not if I could avoid it.

  2. I use Google Reader.

  3. I use my email. I had never heard of a place that I can put them in...why would that be different than email? It really takes a lot of time to read all the blogs...but I don't want to miss any because all most of my inspiration and ideas come from blogs.