Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July's Window Shopping

Let's not waste any time!  I am SUPER excited about this:

What is not to love about this tape?  I'm hoping to have this in my stash ASAP!

I saw some cards made from this pack...beautiful!  The navy blue is the "pop" for me.  Love it!

The sentiments for this would be SO fun to color and use!  I never get tired of Gnomes!

The cameras are the best part of this set for me.  Really love the vintage feel!

I STILL have not been brave enough to make my own (although I have all of the stuff), but I really like the details on these.

SO many uses for these stamps from Paper Trey Ink.

These papers have my name on it.  Trendy and basic enough to use for every project!

Cha sneaks have been sighted!  Hopefully there will be LOTS of must haves for me!


  1. I agree about the camera tramps. Gorgeous. Might need to check those out. I've been promising myself a camera stamp.

    1. Of course I meant stamps. He he. Darn the iPad keyboard! ;-)