Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a Clue!

It's almost time for our next kit! 

Clue #1: 
Clue #2:
Scrapbook Updates
Bring it on!  Let's see your best guesses!  Our new kit has TWO components to it and I'm betting no one will get both of them.  HA!


  1. first of all.... I cant wait! I REALLY enjoyed my first month with you! its soooo fun!

    hmnnn..... 'birds of a feather'???

    And NO idea on the other.... thinking thinking..... maybe a scrapbooking site that updates the newest 'stuff' that is out there???

  2. My guess was birds of a feather, I've look at their kits and they look scrummy but I can't think which one it would be or what the other elements is

  3. Hoping to have the time to join in next month, this month was a write off :-) No clue here ...

  4. Oh boy! So excited to see what it is....but absolutely no guesses, other than what has been mentioned.

  5. I have no idea? I'm really hoping to find the time to play along this month though.

  6. Okay - birds of a feather - that's been established.
    Is the second component black & white? Photos? Entire kit???
    I am definitely intrigued once again!

  7. I'm guessing Birds of a Feather for part number one. For part number two, I'm thinking you're going to somehow tie in the website Scrapbook Update. I know they feature articles on the latest trends in sb'ing plus they showcase gallery highlights based on theme or techniques. Maybe you're going to tie those features into this month's challenges?

    I have not been able to participate like I had wanted the last couple of months. I have had some health issues that led to surgery and now to some recovery time. Thankfully, nothing serious or anything, but just interruption to "Normal" Life for a bit. I hope to be getting back to "Normal" more the next couple of weeks and {maybe} participating more. :)

    1. hahaha - I am sure you must be right - I must be regressing as I only looked at the picture & didn't read Clue #2, lol!
      Hope you are on the mend & can jump back in soon :~)

  8. here's my second comment on this.... after more thought...

    Birds of a Feather advertised on ScrapScene???