Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's a clue!

Let's see...what can I tell you about October?  Hmmmm....

Clue 1:
Clue 2:
Post here when you have a guess!  I will let you know if you are right!


  1. Oh is it Gossamer Blue's September Kit!!

  2. Gossamer Blue is my guess as well! I've been coveting the september kit since I first saw it a month ago.

  3. Tricia guessed it! Get to pulling your kits ladies!

  4. oohh thanks for the good guess Tricia and confirmation Bethany. I have been waiting to play with the next kit having used up my last kit (from June) on 20 Sept, too late to start Septs; now i can play Oct (and it's a public holiday here today so theres time to do so as well)

  5. Oooooo!!!! So we now know! Looking forward to shopping my stash! Thanks for the clues and the early peek at the kit!

  6. I'm on the case pulled lots of pps just need to suss embellishments and most of all stickers I am woefully short of them so will have to make them on the computer.

  7. Well I have made some 'stickers' they are here on my blog. If anyone is interested I can make them into a downloadable file please let me know.

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