Sunday, September 16, 2012

We want to hear from you!

We have been doing Counterfeit Kit Challenge now for almost 2 whole years!  Posting almost daily and planning things for the blog is almost a full time job in itself!  Sometimes the ideas come easily and, well, sometimes we stare aimlessly at our computers hoping for a new idea to keep things fresh.

Now enters our faithful readers and participants...

We would really love to hear from YOU.

What do you love about the blog?
What is your favorite features we offer during the month?
What features are NOT your favorite?
What things would you like to see?

Be nice now.  LOL  Remember we do this for the love of scrapbooking so try to be as constructive as possible.  Feel free to add a comment or even e-mail us if you have a lot to say.  We promise to read all of them and will only change things that we feel are necessary to make it easier for us and make the blog better for you.

Thank you so much for playing along with us every month!  We are so inspired by you!

Meridy and Bethany


  1. Two years!!!! And I only found you the last two months!!!! Where have I been!!!! Wow I certainly can appreciate the amount of work you have done for such a long time! 'Well done' each and every one of you! I LOVE coming here and I LOVE when I see something new has been love love. I love visiting everyones kits, be it a dt member or a player of this blog.
    The only thing I found this month (only cos I started at the very beginning of this month and not towards the end of last month (when I found you) is that I jumped in and excitingly and got my kit done... then waited..... for some criteria to use it!! It seemed like forever.... Can we have something asap so those of us (probably only me LOL) over-enthusiastic ones can use it fairly well straight away.... yeah I know we could go find something to do with it - but but but.....its not the same! (very big smile)
    If I could pat you all on the back....I would.. so for now I can only offer you a cyber pat on the back.....(((WELL DONE)))

  2. There is so much that I love about this blog! As someone who only started blogging (and THEN discovered the word of on-line challenges) as a way to encourage myself to use my stash, this blog could have been created just for me! It makes me happy every time I read that someone has pulled an old item from their stash to use in their kit instead of buying something new.
    I also love the tutorials for DIY-ing embellishments. I too love the prompts and challenges, but don't feel compelled to ONLY follow them . . . sometimes I find it a bit hard to find photos that work with my kit AND the sketch, for example. So I am quite happy to scrap away with my kit and mix it up with challenges from other sites . . . or no challenge at all.
    My only suggestion would be an extra post or two showcasing more of the kits and pages that the participants have come up with. I like to check out the other participant's links, but don't always have time, so maybe a top 10 or top 5 "must see" post at the end of the month?

  3. Whilst I haven't been able to play along for a while...fingers crossed for next month...I still read every post :0) I love the chatty style that you have,I feel like I am reading a friend's blog...does that make me weird???? LOL The challenges are always super, especially the 'think outside the box' ones, but mostly, I adore the tutorials. They get me thinking about how I can forge that longed for item...something I would never have done before discovering this heavenly blog :0) Keep up the fantastic work all of you and I look forward to short winter days and long cozy nights in my scraproom so that I have the time to play along. Ali x

  4. my favourite used to be the end of the month blog hop but you've stopped doing that bit.

    I like the inspiration kits and the tutorials/howto links.

    Unfortunately family issues mean I can't actively take part as much as I'd like to.

  5. I love this site and avidly wait for each day to see what you have come up with. I make up my kit and then think shall I start using it for any layout or wait for the first challenge so that I still have enough to do it justice. So in a way I agree with Mandy I would love it if the first challenge came a bit earlier in the month say 3 days after the kit is revealed?
    I enjoy seeing the organise your stash part too though that is more for the curiosity in me as to how other do things.
    I love sketch challenges. How about a 1, 2, 3 challenge ie 1 pp 2 photos 3 embellishments or you could do a 3,3,3 ie 3 of everything you put on your page.

    You do a great job thank you so very much for the time and effort you all put into it.

  6. I am really new but LOOOOVE this site sooooo much already! My favorite days are reveal day and the sketch day. HOWEVER, something that is unexpectedly becoming a favorite for me is the challenge to counterfeit embellishments.
    I also agree with Mandy that I would like to see the first challenge up sooner. And, I agree with Julie H that it would be a lot of fun to see a showcase of projects from participants. I try to check all the links but find that occasionally I miss one or two. It's so much fun to see how everyone is using their kits!
    Again, this is such a super fabulous site! I looooove it and count down the days til kit reveal each month :) Great job, here! Thank you so much for all the time you put into the blog. You're doing a terrific job of inspiring us to use our stuff!!!

  7. There is one thing and one thing only that I wish you would do more of and have not seen in awhile and miss greatly: Tutorials on how to get the look of a particular product without having to actually buy the product. You did one awhile back on how to get the look of a particular piece of paper (It had random circles in different patterns all over it) by using what we already have in our stashes. I miss those posts!

    1. Hopefully this month we have addressed that with a few special tutorials for counterfeiting CHA favourites ... I have two on my blog :o)

  8. Even though I can't always actively participate as much as I'd like, I love your site sooo much! I check here EVERY day, just to see what new thing you're showing or what everyone has done with their kits. And I do incorporate alot of what I learn from everyone into my scrapping, whether I post it or not. I love that you encourage us to use the stash we have, rather than just focus on getting more, more, more like some of the other sites out there. Every time I try to think of something new to suggest to you, I'll say "Oh, yeah, they already do that!" My favorites are the reveal of the inspiration kit, of course, seeing the DT's kits, the sketches, the challenges, and seeing ways to counterfeit embellishments. I also like the organization tips. (Oh, wait, isn't that just about everything you do? Ha ha!)

    I do like the thoughts of the top 5 picks from submitted projects, and maybe another sketch challenge, or a regular card challenge like the one you did before. The only new thing I can think of is what about also challenges for specific tools, maybe even some of the older tools that have been put away for a while. I realize that not everyone's been scrapping for years and years, so they may not have older tools like templates, etc, or maybe they are new to scrapping and don't have any tools, yet. So, a tool challenge could maybe be an optional thing? Or maybe double as a challenge to come up with a way to use ordinary household objects in place of said tool like, for example, using a bowl lid instead of a circle template. (For the new scrappers, it might help them decide what tools are worth the investment? Just a thought...)

    But, really, you do such an amazing job with this site! How can you improve on such perfection anyway? We appreciate you and all you do!!!!

  9. I also love the tutorials on how to make DIY papers, embellishments and scrap products that are similar to what is in the kit.

    In fact, I'd like to find out more about those tutorials ahead of time as part of the DT. :) :) :)

    I think the Master Forgers could probably pare up with members perhaps to feature them in tutorials or special blog posts?

    Hubby is kicking me off the computer so if I think of more, I'll come back!

  10. I haven't been able to participate as much this year, but do read the blog on a weekly basis. I love the tutorials on how to counterfeit the papers, embellishments etc.

    I love the sketches and really all of the challenges.

    Loved the organization series.

    I'm sad that you stopped doing the participant blog hops. I do like the Master Forger hop, but was really motivated to participate knowing I was committed to the hop.

  11. This is one of my favorite blogs. I love the inspiration, the tutorials and the links to free downloads. Mostly I just love the whole concept of building a kit from your stash and then using it to scrapbook!! Thanks to those who work on this blog...great job!!!

  12. Just wanted to say Thank You for all the hard work that goes into the site! I love the challenges and tutorials that you put together and I always come to check them out even if I'm not always able to play along.

  13. Still new, still discovering the value of the different challanges and tutorials. This is the first month I have played along with the team. Mostly I just made my kit and started scrapping. I have thousands of my own ideas, not hard for me to get motivated. But with this group, I am using items that would have just languished in my drawers. And I am very excited to see how my scrap-style is developing.

    What I don't grasp is why there is no avenue for you to earn revenue. While I appreciate that this site does not push the latest and greatest,still there may be a way to provide you some renumeration for your time and efforts.

    1. Ok, I think I got it! You should set up a paypal account that we can make donations to (hopefully each person that participates, each month can give a little or a lot) to help justify the time and effort that goes into this site.
      I would like to know what the others think of this?

  14. Have been watch on the sidelines literally from the start but have only joined in the last 2 months. Wish i had done it sooner. Love the fact we are encouraged to use up older items in our stash.

    Would love to see the DT doing a post each month showing a technique or just showing how they made a LO,
    Well done Ladies an excellent job.

  15. I too miss the members' blog hop - I enjoyed it a lot before I became a Master Forger and loved to see EVERYone contibuting at once - I try to comment on lots of links, but know that I only see a fraction of the submissions. Perhaps and end of the month hop or link up where we all showcase our favourite post/page?

  16. Thank you for doing one of my favorite blogs! I have been silently playing along for a couple of months now, and I don't think I've ever been more productive. Making my own counterfit kit seems to get my creative juices flowing and I love it! The best is the reveal of course, and seeing everyones interpretation.

  17. you guys are all so AWESOME! What a lot of wonderful comments. We love being here so much and I know we all love that you come along and join in so enthusiastically!

    I think there's a lot of great ideas here :-)

  18. This is only the second time I've managed to do a kit (hope to actually scrap with it too!) and I was so made up when I got an I-Spy mention with my LO last time. I haven't seen those in a while - it would be good to see that back.
    I love that the Master Forgers take the time to comment on blog posts that get linked up - some sites don't (shocking or what?)
    I'd like to see more of the tutorials featured on the blog rather than tucked away in the linkies. The ones Lisa did this time were great.
    The thing I would really dearly love is for the kit reveal to be earlier. My local crop is first Sat of the month. It's when I get most scrapping done but is usually before the kit reveal but too late for the linky for the previous kit. Can you do the reveal on say the 28th so we have the full month to use the kit?

    1. I sympathise with this Julie - I too crop on the 1st Saturday but I have the advantage of having my kit ready to go in advance of the announcement. Why do we start so late in the month?

  19. I can point to only one other pivotal moment in my scrapping besides joining in here. Having never used kits before this whole idea of a prepackaged box of goodies had me very skeptical. You have opened up a new door with the monthly kit challenge. I even started a blog! And I have "met" a new bunch of scrappers ready for the throwdown each month, who inspire & encourage me. THANK YOU for all the work you do to make this happen - I wouldn't change a thing :~D

  20. I loooooooove the tutorials you guys come up with and link to - always my favorite part and a lot of the ideas get pinned on my pinterest board!

  21. I love the overall idea of the blog so much. I love going through my stash and putting it to use. I'd like to see better, clearer pictures of the kit (really appreciate that there aren't ones that "blink" anymore). I love the challenges (especially the sketch ones).
    Not sure what I would change; I just know I really am glad you're here.

  22. My favourite thing you do is when you focus on counterfeiting a new thing/product (like when you did washi tape) and show tutorials. Or when you focus on a product you know we all still have stacks of and reinvent/point us to U tube tutorials to get it used up in new or new to us ways.
    I'd also like " old tool tutorials"
    what i love about this site is that i get to use my old stash in a new way.
    Pat on the back from me too.
    PS i still have heap and heaps of stash so my least favourite thing is when you show me new stuff i want to buy, unless you're showing me how to counterfeit it with my old stuff, then it's fab
    Thanks so much for all your hard work this is my favourite blog.

  23. I just wanted to add my agreement that under the current format by the time the new kit goes up on the 5th and the Linky for the month closes on the 30th or whatever, we have less than a month to play with our goodies, possibly a lot less depending how quickly we get our own kit together. One easy way to adjust it without putting any extra stress on anyone might be just to keep the Linky open until, say, the 10th of the next month? This would work for those who goes to crops on the first weekend of the month!