Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stylish Refridgerator

I don't dare show you the front of my fridge.  Don't ask me.  It is nice and clean , but has become a storage board of papers for the kids.  (Yes, we do have a bulletin board, too...that is also full!  UGH!)  We also seem to collect magnets.  Random ones.  From places we have never been.

Now why can't my fridge look like this?

Seriously, how cute is that?  There are detailed instructions on the Basic Grey Blog.   Now please make me feel better about my fridge and tell me that yours looks "lived in", too...LOL


  1. Very stylish but where oh where would I fit that in. LOL
    pop over to my blog and see my very much lived in fridge/freezer door

  2. A gentle reminder...your title should read "stylish refrigerator". Fridge had a "d", refrigerator does not; go figure!!

  3. That is very cute, but they have carefully not shown you the rest of the door!! I cynically assume all the detritus is just shoved over to the other side so we can't see it!! My fridge is definitely the lived on kind - but as I have magnets from all sorts of happy places, at least I can smile when I go near it and remember nice things.

  4. Mine has bills hanging on it plus several non matching magnets etc.It symbolises my rich tapestry of life LOL.I noticed the D as well but thought I wouldn't correct you.