Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glindas Process

The question was asked to me, what is your scrapbooking process? Well, this question really made me put everything into perspective because, as I started to write I realized no wonder it takes me so long to do a layout I am all over the place and then I get so tried I don’t want to scrap. You see I realized I didn’t have a starting point. So I set out on my journey to find my starting point. How I did this was in October I made several layouts and keep a log of each layouts progress. From the layouts I did I came up with my 10 steps to a completed layout. 

1 - Decide on what photos I want to use. (Hopefully they are already printed.)
2 - Choose which paper I want to use and any embellishments that I have to match.
3 - If I don’t already have an idea on what I want the layout to look like I go to my computer and visit some of my favorite online sites. If I can’t find something within 15 min I stop and set it aside for a different time.
4 - If I find something I scribble down a basic sketch of it.
5 - I then move to my table and start cutting and laying out the pieces.
6 - After I get everything where I think I would like it, I always set it aside and look at it for a while. This way if I want to change anything I can move it around until I get the layout just the way I want it.
7 - The most important thing at this point is to STOP get my iPhone and take a picture. Trust me this saves a lot of headaches and frustration.
8 - I then grab my adhesive and start adhering my paper and photos. When all it put together I step back and take a look at it.
9 - If I feel the layout is complete I take a finished photo of it so I can share it with all my online scrapbooking friends.
10 - Display the layout on my table for my family to enjoy.

To see a completed layout please visit Glinda at her blog HERE


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  2. Question on #7 - Do you mean you take a picture of the LO as is to get perspective on it? Or do you mean step away and get a picture of something else and then come back to the LO again with fresh eyes? Thanks for outlining your process!

    1. I take the picture of the layout after I get it just the way I want it. I do this because when I start sticking down the pieces I have to move things and I usually forget just how I had it so, by taking a picture of it before I move anything helps me remember just where to put everything back to. Otherwise I would end up spending more time trying to get it just right again. Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks so much. Now it makes sense to me!

  3. Oh yeah baby! #7 is the bomb! I knew what you meant as I have seen this suggestion used by others. I don't have a new fangled phone so when I think I need the help, I grab my camera and upload to computer to view.
    One of the advantages to turning it into a two dimensional image, on my lap top, is that weak design decisions can be easily identified and improved before past-up begins.

  4. Thanks for sharing your process! It is so helpful to hear what others do for inspiration and for streamlining the creation process!