Sunday, January 13, 2013

Step By Step

I am SO excited about this new monthly feature!  Sometimes when I see a finished project, I wonder how on earth they got there...and the changes they may have made along the way.  Now you will get a little peek into my process every month as I share with you something I make with my kit.
I am an extremely visual scrapper.  I rarely just start on a project without doing some internet browsing first.  (I have alot of interruptions and need the time to focus a bit before I start...and it gives me something to refere back to with all of the stopping and starting I do.)
I was browsing the videos on 2 Peas and spied this cute card that happens to fit nicely with our first challenge!
You can head HERE to take a look at it and even see Julie's process.
Step one:  Pick our your supplies.  I based mine on our challenge of 3 Patterned Papers, 3 Embellishments and 3 Words. (This is also the first challenge of the year for my friend Pam and I (Hi, Pam!).  We like to do long distance card challenges and Pam got me a little more organized with it this year with a GREAT challenge organizer!)

Step 2:  Round the top Corner.  (My symmetrical self surprisingly loves just doing one corner.)

Step 3:  I noticed that Julie's card had a white base with kraft on top.  I decided to use some white chalk ink to ink the edges of my Kraft base instead.

Step 4:  Get interrupted by family to make breakfast...go sledding...see a movie...get frozen a game...HEY!  It is my turn now, people!  Entertain yourselves for a while!

Step 5:  Shut yourself back in your craft room and cut out the 3 patterned papers to use on your card base.  I love the read chevron and decided to make that the focus.  The teal works really well with it and grey seemed like more of a neutral accent.

Step 6:  Look through EVERY STAMP YOU OWN to find one that will work for 3 words.  Yeah.  Thanks alot for that, Crystal.  Way to make it hard for me!  I finally settled on the SMILE stamp...nice, cheery, to the point.  I decided to mimic the colors I used for the paper in my ink choices. 

Step 7: Use some of that super cute twine to add an accent to the equally cute corduroy button (Thanks for that, too, Pam!).  Also, cut a small slit in the side of your card so you can wrap twine around the front.

Step 8: After gluing down the sentiment (yes, I did it cattywampus on purpose), then start winding the twine through the slit and around the card front.

Step 9: Hmmm...that button...Love it, but need it to help be a bit of a cluster with my stickpin.  Stickpins are tricky to add sometimes.  They are pointy and sharp and I would hate for my card recipient to get poked.  I think using a foam square with the button with give the stick pin a nice place to go.

Step 10: Stick the stick pin through the foam square AND underneath the patterned paper.  For safety reasons.  LOL

Step 11: Wish you could add more stuff to it, but know that you are following the rules.  LOL

Overall, I like this card...If I could add more I would add one more thing to my cluster (button and stickpin) and would maybe emboss the white smile card for some texture. Gotta run.  I feel a nerf gun war in the making and I am fair game in the office!


  1. Love the new feature. Great detail in explaining your process. Wonderful card. Hope you kicked some tail with the Nerf Gun war! :D

  2. This card looks wonderful and it is great to see the process to create it.

  3. Great new feature and your card is super!

  4. Great idea - I always like to see how others go through the process. And as far as interruptions, mine is usually laundry :).

  5. Thanks for sharing your process! Have fun in the nerf war. LOL!

  6. Love seeing the step by step. May just follow along and make something very similar. Thanks for taking out the guess work!

  7. This is great, I love seeing the dimensions you used - I will have to make a card like this with my kit!!!

  8. bbwwahahh great job hon! You followed the rules well!

  9. Great post! love to see the process.