Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trash to Treasure: New Feature

This is not our logo but it sums up this new feature we thought of for the blog. We would really like to know your thoughts on our new features, do you find them helpful? Useless? Intriguing? Something else? Drop us a comment and let us know what you are thinking! 
Today I am here to share how to take something from well trash to treasure LOL! Today we are going to be looking at packing material. Yes packing material.  There is so much you can do with these "trash" or recyclables before they go into said bins. 
So who does NOT like to pop bubble wrap? In my household it is a cheap entertainment tool! BUT did you know that you can also use it to make backgrounds for your cards/layouts etc? Spread some ink, paint, etc onto a surface, ball up the bubble wrap and "stamp" your little heart out. Easy and unique background! Here is just ONE example, you can make it as precise or as messy as you want (and they even make stamps with this pattern! Look at that saving you money already!)

Here is another quick idea. Cardboard, yes that stuff from shipping boxes etc. It can be useful for many things, to stamp on, get messy and even to punch/die cut shapes from. However my favorite usage is using the 'guts' of it to make a corrugated base on the cheap (note it is NOT acid free). You can tear it to look like:
Or leave it plain, paint it, mist it, punch it, die cut it, etc etc. The sky is the limit!

Now what have you used around the house that is not meant for scrapping? What would you like to see explored here?


  1. I used cardboard as a base just last week! Stop by and see my "Wishes Come True" layout. It even mentions this blog!

    I like the new features, but I miss the counterfeiting. Maybe forging kits, layouts and embellishments more?

  2. I would love a trash to treasure addition to your blog.

  3. I like the new feature! Love having an example of used in a project!

  4. Looooove the corrugated cardboard! Reminds me to use it more often on my pages ;)

  5. Dip corrugated card lightly into paint then print with it to make stripes.Looks good on chippy or calico.
    Drag a hair comb through paint for a striped effect.

  6. your blog is exactly what ive been looking for, crafting on a budget is hard but with your great ideas i can see im going to have some fun, thanks

  7. Love this idea. It is one I try to use all the time - plastic from packaging (like kids toys) works great as ghost letters and shapes or embossed. I use pieces from some old feed sacks when binding mini albums. Pretty packaging, bread tags, pop cans, TP Tubes, even extra ear buds (unused LOL) for accents or mini's, the list goes on!

  8. also can be used in home-made gelly plates

  9. I'm a great fan of 'trash to treasure', so this new feature is great for me!
    I use bubble wrap a lot and corrugated cardboard is one of my fav items.
    Here's a link to a mini album I've made, where the basis was corrugated cardboard:

  10. Love "trash to treasure". Scrapbookers can be very much over-consumers, buying too much. Nice to really "scrap" book with items we already have.


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