Monday, May 20, 2013

Get Ready to Get Digi with it!

In June we will be getting DIGI with it with our sponsor Little Blue Button Stamps!  Get ready for another great kit to counterfeit and an extra fun BLOG HOP!

If you are a traditional paper scrapper (like I am), come to the DIGI side with us!  Digital images are so great to use for traditional paper crafting!  I love to print things out to use on my pages and cards.

Our own Angela is a Digital Scrapbooker and is sharing some great tutorials to help get you started!

Digital Stamp Basics:
Printing Digis in MS Word
Printing Digis in MS Works
Colouring Printed Digital Stamps
Paper Piecing

Fancy Techniques using digital stamps and free software:
Concertina Card
Combining Digital Images
Faux Layering using digital cameos
Recolouring a digi stamp
Split Negative Technique with Digital Silhouettes

More Advanced:
Building a Scene for a Card using the full version of Craft Artist (or it's predecessor DSA )
digitally colouring in a digital stamp using photo editing software


  1. I hope my hints have been good enough that I will be getting Craft Artist for my birthday so I'll be checking out the tutorials - thank you :)

    1. that will be so fun if you do get it Lesley.

  2. Angela! Thanks for the links here - there are some really interesting and useful ideas. I am especially enamoured with the concertina card

  3. It looks like you could be tempting many of us paper scrappers to go to the digi side. What fun!

  4. Just think of all the "stuff" you can collect in digi! A whole new opportunity for my stash to grow.