Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Have you seen this? Mod Melts and Mod Molds

So, I stumbled across these...

Have you seen them before?  How cool is this?  I have the apoxy stuff and molds, but they are a bit tricky to get used to.  Basically I stink at them.  LOL

Here are some fun things you can do with them, outside of scrapbook embellishments:  She's {kinda} Crafty: Mason Jar Jewlery...scroll down for even more Mod Fun!

I did pick some up (I already own some silicone molds) and tried it out.  They took more time to figure out then I thought.  You will need a High Temp Glue Gun and I would highly recommend using a fine tip nozzle one (I found mine at JoAnns.)  It made it easier to get into the cracks and crevices.

So in my quest to figure these out, I have found that you can make your own molds using Hot Glue.

Who knew?  I have been making some of my own molds with mold putty.  I might give this a try.

If you don't want to mess with Mod Podge Melts...I have found a way to counterfeit them!  Whoohoo!

You can use HOT GLUE.  Yep.  Regular, cheaper than Mod Melts Hot Glue.  Ha!  And if you can find the colored glue sticks or the glitter ones?  Well, score!

Have you made any new scrappy discoveries lately?

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