Monday, August 12, 2013

Challenge #2: Leftover Challenge

Aahh..leftovers.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I love not cooking on Sundays and having everyone "fend for themselves" with the leftovers.  I HATE the space they take up in the fridge.  

I'm the same way with my scraps.  I love being able to use up bits on my project and not cut up a big sheet of paper.  I HATE how disorganized they get!

I finally came up with a solution for my scraps that is working well for me.

1.  As I make a layout, I go ahead and use the scraps from it to put together some cards right away.
2.  The scraps that are left go into a basket.
3.  When the basket gets annoying, I trim them to the following sizes:
6x6, 4x6, 3x4 and 12x12/6x6 punched borders.
4.  The extra bits get tossed guilt free UNLESS I absolutely love it and then it goes back into the basket to use later. 
5.  Sometimes I will head straight to the basket for my cards...mix and match my scraps.  

Challenge #2: Leftover Challenge:  Pick a scrap (not from your kit) to use on a project!  Hey...use as many scraps as you want!  The more the merrier!

I have a feeling our Master Forgers turned some Leftovers into some "Fine Dining"!  Let's take a look!


  1. I'm working on this one. I too have a basket for scraps.It works for me.

  2. I will do this also anything to use scraps up is great with me

  3. I have done one LO but this kit keeps on giving and giving, so I aim to do more too.

  4. I am always on the lookout for ways to use up my scraps so this is the perfect challenge for me!