Monday, December 9, 2013

Counterfeit Initial Wreath

Well, you know we are ALL about counterfeiting here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  We love finding ways to make knock offs of the usual pricey originals.  Today, I thought we would take a little detour from paper crafting so I can show you a tutorial for this SIGNATURE initial wreath.

Perhaps you've been perusing the latest Ballard Designs catalog and noticed these:

Spruce Alphabet Wreath

How sweet are those letters?  But at $35 a pop, it wouldn't be such a joy for your budget!

Take a look at this tried and true tutorial from Monica Wants It blog making a very close replica of these wreath letters.  I say tried and true because I made them last year with great success!

Here is my version hung in my home:

Now go on!  Counterfeiting isn't JUST for scrapbooking!


  1. Ouch! That price is a real budget-buster, but how gorgeous is that forgery? Awesome idea!

  2. cute! an idea to tuck away for another time. Thanks for sharing Lynette!