Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tagxedo New Year

I have mixed feelings about Christmas cards.  I love to receive them, but when those first early ones arrive I'm envious of how organised some people are.  I procrastinate each year and when I finally start writing them I feel guilty at the way I'm rushing them out.  I know some people donate to charity instead of sending them, but I do love to hear friends' news in their enclosed letters and I'd be sad if we all gave them up.  Every year I cut down on the quantity we send out to save a few trees (not to mention postage) and then feel terrible when I open a card from someone I've axed from my list.

That's when New Year's cards comes in handy.  How about this one I made using Tagxedo:

You simply type your greeting into Tagxedo and let it mix things up for you.  The words are sized in order, so I actually typed in
"happy NewYear Wishing healthy a you"
Note the lack of space between "New" and "Year" - normally in Tagxedo you make a non-breaking space by typing "New~Year" but that left too much of a gap for my liking.

The other non-default settings I used were:

Shape = Horizontal Cloud
Theme = Happy Brights
Font = Euphorogenic
Orientation = H

Remove Common Words = No
Combine Related Words = No
Combine Identical Words = No

Normalize Frequency = Yes
Allow Replication = No

I played around with the layout until I got one I was happy with and printed it out directly onto card (after cropping the Tagxedo frame away in Picasa).

Here's another take on the phrase with a different word order:

"NewYear happy Wishing healthy a you" with Blulola theme
If you pop over to my blog today there are some ideas for more multi-lingual Tagxedo cards (and there are plenty of other Tagxedo card ideas there too)



  1. Very cool! Reminds me of subway art (wink-wink) :~D

  2. This looks like a great tool. I will investigate it for sure.Great cards Jimjams

  3. I think I've seen you make these cards before and always think how original they are! I really like the idea of sending New Year cards for those you have received but not sent to. Obviously, this happens to me a lot with the international postage and a new year card is such a great way to go