Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wonderful World Of Color: Picking Colors for Scrapbooking

We are up with a video to make those of us who are color challenged feel a bit better.  We know who we are.  LOL

And now for a bit of a color lesson!

Here is great post explaining different ways to add color:  Simple Scrapbook Storytelling

Need to see a great example?  You are in for a treat!  Laura is back with a great layout!

Don't forget to head over to HER BLOG to read more about it!

If you are wanting a bit of a push in the color department, try some of these great color challenge sites for inspiration!

Enough already!  Go and put some colors together!


  1. I became sidetracked and made a card for Color Throwdown, but have returned here to say the video was quite informative.

  2. Great videos...... and after going to Laura's blog...still cant get over the fab colour inspiration she had there for her LO!

  3. Can't wait to visit everything on here - will be good for my morning-after NSD blues :~D

  4. Wow! there's loads to look at here, brilliant post! :o)