Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thank You Cards: Part Two

Hey everyone, Margie back today with the rest of the cards from my card kit:
I made 5 more for a total of seven cards! And I had enough supplies to keep going-I only would have needed more card bases.
It just goes to show that with a small collection of supplies and a few hours of your time here and there, you can create a large selection of cards to use all year long. Some tips to make it quicker and easier:
*only use your kit-every time you make a trip back to rummage through your supplies, you lose precious time.
*pre-made embellishments save tons of time!
*no need to be complicated-use basic design principles, such as the rule of three, embellish in a triangle or on a diagonal line.
*stamp on scraps and then add it to the card- a tiny strip can easily be made into a banner with a little snip of the scissors. And if you mess up, no harm is done to your card.


  1. Your rocking the thank you cards Margie :) I agree the premade/ precut items helps to put a card together quickly :)

  2. Really loved your tips! and 7 cards - woohoo!

  3. 7 cards sounds great - I think I need to make a batch of thank you cards too as I send out a lot. Great inspiration here and some super tips!