Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Great Master Forger Search!

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog could not be what it is without a fantastic team of people who run the show behind the scenes.  We work hard each month to inspire you, encourage each other and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Check out our great team HERE!

Design Team Responsibilities:
We each have our role to play to keep the Counterfeit Kit Challenge running smoothly.
Here are some things we do each month:
~Prepare our kit based on our inspiration kit and schedule a blog post to introduce the kit and participate on a team hop.
~Participate in an assigned challenge each month with a photo of your project that will get posted on the blog to share an example of the challenge.
~Comment on some of the Mr. Linky entries each month to give support and encouragement.
~Post on our Facebook Group to keep people talking, excited and "in the know" about what is going on here.
~Participate in (and even suggest and plan) team challenges for the Master Forgers.
~Help come up with occasional "special features" that we can post on our blog.
~Write occasional blog posts for our special events.
~Create tutorials for pieces that you forge especially for your kit.

Design Team Benefits:
~Getting to help plan the fun things we do on the blog.
~Hanging out in a special Facebook group for Master Forgers.  We have fun there!
~Get more exposure for your blog.  We always link up to direct traffic your way!
~Getting experience in the inner workings of a design team is always a plus.

How to Apply:
We have a fun little challenge for you!  One of our Master Forgers, Stephanie had a great suggestions to help you make your Counterfeit Kit!

1.  E-mail us at your answers to the questions below.  Each multiple choice answer corresponds with a "choice" for your kit.  You will get an e-mail response telling you what things you will need to put in your kit.
2.  Create your kit based on the e-mail you receive.
3.  Create 1 forged item to put in your kit (can be part of the list you receive or a bonus item).
4.  Issue a challenge and create one project based on your challenge.
5.  Write a blog post that shares your kit and explains your process...tutorials on how you made your forged item...and shares your challenge/project.  Let us see YOUR personality in your blog post.

E-mail us back with a link to your finished blog post entry NO LATER THAN midnight on August 23rd (Mountain Standard Time) to be considered for our team.

What we are looking for:
~Creativity in interpreting the kit.
~A fun way to present your kit in your blog post.
~An ability to forge part of your kit and make a tutorial for it.
~An ability to make a variety of project types (outside of standard scrapbook layouts/cards...home decor, Pocket Scrapbooking, gift items, mini albums...)
~Your ability to complete tasks on time and be a team player.

Ready to answer some questions and find out more about the kit you will be creating?

1.  If you could pick any vacation, what would it be?
     a.  exploring a foreign country
     b.  time spent relaxing on the beach
     c.  camping trip
     d.  shopping spree

2.  If you could travel however you wish, what would you use?
     a.  car
     b.  plane
     c.  boat
     d.  horse

3.  If you could travel with anyone, who would you pick?
     a.  would rather travel alone
     b.  family member
     c.  one close friend
     d.  a group of friends

4.  When packing for a trip, you believe:
     a.  more is luggage will be overweight
     b.  I try to be careful and make sure my luggage fits the guidelines
     c.  I like to just take a carry on
     d.  Shopping when I get there is WAY more fun!

5.  How would you plan for your trip?
     a.  Let things happen as they happen.  As long as I know where I am ending up...
     b.  I need every second planned for the best trip ever.
     c.  I don't even like to pick my destination.  Road trip anyone?
     d.  I plan some things, but like to be flexible.

6.  If you could pick any type of food to eat, you would pick:
     a.  Mexican food
     b.  Chinese food
     c.  Thai food
     d.  Italian food

7.  What is the perfect length of time for your perfect get away?
     a.  An overnight trip is best...I like to be home.
     b.  A weekend away would be refreshing.
     c.  There is no point in taking less than a week for my trip.
     d.  A month would be an idea time for me to get my vacation on.

Now e-mail us the answers to these questions at to find out what you will be putting in your kit.  

Good luck and we are excited to hear from YOU!


  1. this is certainly really creative and fun!

  2. Oh I am away at mo will have a ponder

  3. I love the idea of the travel themed quiz, but I am now seriously wishing that I had a summer holiday planned!

  4. My application is here
    Thank you, it was a fun challenge!


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