Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just One More Thing - Design Team Challenge - Preview

Remember Peter Falk as the inimitable Lt. Columbo.  Always throwing off his suspects by asking one more question just as they thought he was going to leave them alone.  And, of course, it was the one thing that cleared up all the other questions, wasn't it?


Well, Peter's not with us anymore.  But we love his style.  In fact, we do think he is imitable!  Of course, we would!  We consider many things to be imitable - worthy of being imitated or copied. Like Columbo, we can't help ourselves, it is what we do.

So how does this apply to scrapbooking, you ask?  Well, don't you sometimes find yourself looking at a layout not quite satisfied with it; you are about to walk away and call it quits.  But it is still nagging at you.  What if you had a friend, of the scrapping variety, not the police variety, that would suggest just one more thing you could do to improve it?  What if that one more thing, was just the thing to make you really happy about the page?

Well, we here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge design team, decided to try it out.  In the coming months, some of us will put forth a layout that we are not quite sure about.  We will ask our design team colleagues to let us know what they like about the layout, and what one thing they would change in the design.

Then the original scrapper will take none, one, some or even all of their suggestions and revise the layout.  We will show you the before and after layouts, in the hopes that you will pick up a design tip or two in the process.  

Sounds like fun, don't you think?  Next week, you will see the first episode.  We promise no one will be taken away in handcuffs. No one would dare try to cuff women who are so handy with their scissors!

Stay tuned.


  1. That's a great idea! There are times where I want to change something in the layout but afraid to tear anything out. So I only do it to those rare layouts I absolutely can't stand. lol Can't wait to see the before and after layouts of the design team.

  2. This sounds great - I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has inn store!

  3. What a fun idea. I am looking forward to it.

  4. What a fabulous idea. Can't wait to see the lo's

  5. This is such a fabulous idea - it's like having a virtual scrapbook crop!

  6. Oh this is such a cool idea! I agree it'll be like having a virtual scrapbook crop here :)

  7. I really like this idea!


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