Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Followers of Christmas Present by Clair

The Master Forgers have been busy, high-lighting some of the 'Followers of Christmas Present', showing a little love to the wonderful followers (who are like an extended family, really) who help to make the Counterfeit Kit Challenge such an amazing venture. We love and value each and every one of you! 

Joyce's August 2016 Counterfeit Kit

Today, I am thrilled to introduce the 'Queen of Collage', the lovely Joyce Rodli. The Counterfeit Kit Challenge was but a idea in the minds of our founders, Bethany and Meridy, when I first 'met' Joyce on Flickr. (Back when Blogger was 'the bomb' and Hambly Screen Prints were 'in'.)

Some of Joyce's Amazing Mixed Media Projects!

Somehow we lost touch. (When I was locked out of my Flickr Account, I lost more than my images. Thanks Yahoo!) But, amazingly, Joyce started following the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and I found her on Instagram (@able2rejoyce) via our hashtag. I was so, so happy. 

So, here's to Joyce. I hope we'll see more of you in 2017! 


Clair x


  1. Clair, I too have been treated like a stranger, by Flikr, and have abandoned my collections there. Fortunately I had already followed Lisa to CKC. While I have not been very active for awhile, this is still my home, and first stop for scrapping inspiration. Big thanks to all the MFs and the time you expend on this inspirational blog.

    And thanks for profiling Joyce. I will pay extra attention, in the future to her links.