Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Expectations of Christmas Future by Lisa

I've been selecting a word for the year (à la Ali Edwards) since 2007. Each year, I try to make a layout to showcase the word and keep it fresh in my mind. Some years are really successful and some less so - the way of the world, right? This year's "composed" was a successful year and so, about four weeks ago, we started thinking about my new word for 2017.

It works like this - for the last few years, I get an idea for a direction I want to take. I describe the feelings and actions and give it some meat. And then my husband and I work on defining that word (remember that he's working in a foreign language!). We refine and refine the list until eureka - we both know that THIS is the word. This year, in fact, we actually defined the word in German first and then came up with the English.

I like the fact that we are identifying it together, although I get the final veto - too many e's and it's out!

So, the word for 2017 is SHINE. It has multiple levels of meaning and is very much related to how I present myself to the outside world. How I manage the outer and inner sides of my introverted character.

Of course, there's a layout. No CKC kit this time around, I just grabbed some papers that were calling my name and made this very simple page.

I'm leaving the journalling tag blank right now - the words I want to write are complex and need some thought. I didn't want to rush it and some of my thoughts are private. I'll get it done at the beginning of January.

I can't help it, fussy cutting just makes me happy!

And so with this, I'll say goodbye for the second time this month.

I hope you've been enjoying our Counterfeit Kit Challenge Christmas Carol this month. We'll be back tomorrow with another set of posts and come January 1st, there'll be a brand new kit to inspire.

So, I'll love you and leave you for now and wish you a very wonderful start to the New Year!

Lisa :-)


  1. Your fussy cutting is wonderful and the grey/pink combo on this page really works a treat.

  2. Beautiful layout and a wonderful word choice too :) hmm never considered making a layout about my word, but it is a wonderful thought to do :) I see a lift coming in 2017 :)

  3. Another beautiful layout! Shine on sister x