Monday, January 2, 2017

Just the January Gist - 2017

Excited about January’s inspiration kit?

Given that January is a great time for listing - dreams, aspirations, resolutions and plans, I thought maybe a short list would best capture the gist of this kit.

1.)  Color range in the blue to green spectrum.

2.)  Patterns in textile styles like doilies or wallpaper prints.

3.)  Texture from natural elements – wood and burlap.

4.)  Shapes are rectangular and “zentangle-ular.”

5.)  Mood is interestingly Indonesian and (to me, at least, mildly Moroccan).

6.)  Vibe is happy and forward looking – flinging open new doors in the New Year.

Is that how you see the gist of it?  You don't need to hit all 6 aspects, you could pick just a few and see how that works.

We’d love to see what you include in your first counterfeit kit of the year.

Happy kitting, 


  1. Interestingly, I saw 'summer' in the kit, but Lesley saw 'winter'. I love how interpreting the inspiration kits can lead us in different directions!

  2. Great analysis, as always! You "see" things I have overlooked. Wish I could read this before I kit :)