Thursday, December 21, 2017

The 12 Days of Christmas | Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for joining us at Counterfeit Kit Challenge this month as we scrapped our way through the 12 Days of Christmas. I hope that you enjoyed the projects that the Master Forgers shared with you these past few weeks and are inspired to scrap your own holidays.

We will be back in January with an all new inspiration kit and projects from the Master Forgers. So goodbye for now and we wish you a joyous holiday season and very happy new year!

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  1. Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season and a bright new year of much peace and happiness!

    Thank you for all you do for keeping this wonderful website going. I always follow along but hardly ever post, but I know I should. (Maybe I can turn that around in the new year!) But, I love LOVE this website, so thank you!