Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mini Challenge: Roll the Die and Blog Hop info!

I have a short attention span.  I will admit it.  And I am frequently in need of fresh ideas for my projects.  I generally scrap alone, so it is fun to find new ways to challenge myself.  This is why I created the Creative Die!  I made this little project a little while back and enjoy giving them a roll when I want a new idea of what to do.
Every month you are going to Roll the Die with me and we will create our own projects with our kits based on what we rolled!

Here are the die that I made:

I just took 4 plain wooden blocks from Michaels and prettied them up a bit.
Color Die: Yellow/Green/Orange/Red/Blue/Brown
Project Die: One page layout/card/mini album/2 page layout/altered project/gift item
Inspiration Die: House/Gallery/Ad/Color Combo/Sketch/Fashion/Gallery
Element Die: Chipboard/Stamping/Bling/Metal/Paint/Ribbon

When I need a bit of inspiration, I roll one, two, three or all four and let them "tell" me what to create!

For our Roll the Die Challenges, we will not use the color die, since your kit will already be assembled.  Be prepared to add to your kit little bits based on the die we roll, though. 

Ready for our first Roll of the Die?

Mini Challenge: We will be making a card inspired by something from fashion and using bling!  That shouldn't be so hard!  And if you think you are not a cardmaker or have never tried it, I want you to give it a shot.  Pretty please?  For me?  I promise it won't be so bad!

After you create your card you will be able to participate in our end of the month BLOG HOP!  Won't that be fun? 

Blog Hop Details:
Create your assigned project and take a photo of it

On the 21st of each month I will remind you of the blog hop.  You will have until the 25th to e-mail me at counterfeitkitchallenge@yahoo.com with January Blog Hop.  In your e-mail please give me the link to your blog and be ready to publish a post with the challenge photo on the 28th for the hop.

I will put together a list of all participating blogs and will e-mail everyone the order of the blog hop and how to do their post!

On the 28th (or earlier if you want to schedual it to simply post on the 28th) you will create a blog post that shares your creation and them posts the link to the next blog on the list.  Easy!

On the 28th Couterfeit Kit Challenge will start off the hop and will direct people to the next blog on the list so we can enjoy each others work.

Sound fun?  You have until the 25th to e-mail me your interest in participating in the hop and until the 27th to finish your creation and make your post!  You will then publish that post on the 28th and the hop will begin!  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us (counterfeitkitchallenge@yahoo.com) or check out our Blog Hop Tab for more info!


  1. I love it, I´ll have to find some blocks and make them is an awesome idea, I´m loving your challenges, today I want to make the pins!

  2. What a fun idea for a challenge!! I can't wait for the blog hop!

  3. I made small cards once with inspirational prompts but love the dice idea. What fun. Hope to join in!!

  4. I love that die block Idea! I still have to get my mini kit together. lol

  5. Love your dice prompt idea!

  6. I still haven't made my kit ... maybe next month :o(

  7. I am so IN on the blog hop ! Love the roll the dice idea...wherever did you come up with that! Count me in.