Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roll the Die Challenge Teaser: Card/Bling/Fashion

It was so much fun to create a card inspired by fashion!  I had alot of fun looking at different fashion blogs and at fun trends in some of my favorite clothing sites.  I ended up deciding to use this as my inspiration:
It is not something I think I could pull off, but I love the A-symetrical way the ruffles overlap each other.  Very cute!  Ready to see what I did with it?  Well, you will have to wait until the blog hop on the 28th!

Don't forget to e-mail us at Counterfeit Kit Challenge to be part of the hop!  The deadline is the 25th so I can have time to make a list and e-mail it out!


  1. Love it!
    I have some ideas. I just hope I have time to make something to be apart of your fun blog hop.
    I hope you keep with this fashion theme, there is soooo much out there. Could keep us busy for months. :-)

  2. Melissa, I already have the list made and have e-mailed it out. :( If you still want to participate, I could post a link to your blog on mine (mine is the end of the hop) as a little extra special stop for everyone. Email us at if you are interested. :)

  3. oh thats ok I havent even made the card yet but thanks so much I will be more on the board next month

  4. uh oh. Email already went out? I didn't get it. Did it get lost in my junkmail somewhere, or did you not get my email? No biggy if my email got lost, cuz I'll just post my card and link up to this blog, but if I've missed YOUR email, I don't want to mess up the hop.

  5. Hi, Robin! I don't have an e-mail for you, so I'm hoping you see this here...

    I never got your e-mail about the blog hop! Sometimes cyber space is more trouble than it is worth! I hope you will play along with us next month, though!


  6. That's fine. It happens. I just wanted to be sure that was the email missing (rather than one telling me who to link with). I'll post mine tomorrow anyway, and I'll try again next month! : )