Friday, April 8, 2011

Acetate Glittered Embellishments Tutorial

The "inspiration kit" comes with a great little acetate heart, which they have embellished a bit using glitter.  It is used on this card.

Re-creating the embellishment using stamps...
We found this tutorial for "a glitter with acetate tutorial" from the Scrappychick blog. 
And another "glitter and acetate tutorial" from the scrapnstamp blog.

Re-creating the embellishment using Stickles...
Here is a tutorial for using your stamps and Stickles.
Re-creating the embellishment using rub-ons...

Bethany came up with this great tutorial...
The Heart Art Acetate is such a fun embellishment and pretty easy to recreate.  For my version, all you need is rub ons, glitter, glue and transparencies (I used leftover bits from a laminating project). 

I put the rub on on the transparency and  then cut out around the lines.  Then I turned it over and put a thin layer of glue on back and sprinkled glitter.  All you have to do it let it dry and you are ready to go!  Super easy!


  1. This is such a great idea! I definitely want to try stamping on a transparency!

  2. Fabulous tutorial! I've already stamped a heart transparency, but LOVE the idea of using rub-ons! Thanks!

  3. Great idea. I have a full box of transparencies that my office was throwing out. They kindly let me pluck them out of the garbage bin!
    Looking forward to putting them to good use.
    Thanks for researching all these great ideas.

  4. Really going to try the rub-on one! Thanks for sharing! I have my kit up too :)

  5. Great idea...I have a ton of acetate laying around!